Who Are These People Anyway?

Hi!  I’m Tara, and my name is the only real one I will use on here.  Don’t need my family suing me or anything…I hear kids are very litigious these days.  And mine seem to pay extra attention during the personal injury lawyer commercials.  I am a stay-at-home mom who is blessed with 3 beautiful girls, and the best husband in the universe.  You gagging yet?  Sorry, but it’s true.  Although, I may be gagging a little myself.  Nerdguy and I met many years ago at University, where he gave me the name of Nerdgirl because I always had giant stacks of accounting books in my hands.  Now those books prop up my computer monitor and collect dust, but the name stuck. 

We live in Ontario with our girls, and Nerdguy desperately fights for bathroom space and against the gradual but certain take-over of the colour pink.  He works from home, and is not annoying at all  awesome to have around so much.  Especially since I can’t work the lights, the phone or the TV without him since he is constantly “upgrading” our systems.  I have been threatening to get the clapper for our lights for 15 years now.  It’s a sore topic.  That we discuss.  In the dark. 
Our first born Molly is 8 and loves science, animals, art and talking until our ears bleed.  She is happiest outside looking for bugs, snails, and all things that terrify me.  I call her to kill my spiders.  She wants to adopt them and call them George.  She is sensitive, and scattered.  But hyper-focused too.  She knows what socks I wore 4 years ago, and probably who shot JR.  Just don’t ask her where her socks are.  That is unsolvable.
We planned on having one more, and 22 months later were blessed with not one, but two precious girls (you know…like Jon & Kate…except not ridiculous), Maggie and Grace.  Maggie was diagnosed with Autism when she was 2 years old, and the whole family has been rooting her on to find her way in the world ever since.  She is somewhat verbal, will scale a small building if there are chips or candy waiting at the top, and speaks in tongues.  And by tongues, I mean episode of Dora and Caillou.  She is always moving.  And often giggling.  If you scratch her back, she will love you forever.  Well at least until she finds someone with ice cream.
Grace is small but mighty, and has been a fighter since the beginning.  She is the entertainer and wins people over with her dimples.  And she knows it.  She loves to dance, and run, and play with her friends.  And keep a mid-sized Laundromat in business with her 6 to 8 wardrobe changes per day.  She is level-headed and even-tempered.  I want to be her when I grow up. 
So that’s us.  Well almost.  I will now describe in detail each one of our captive snails….