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Tara Wilson - writer

I’m a mom of three girls, wife of Nerdguy (read more about my family here) and an only child.  No one warns you about the noise and the fighting.  And now I have to share my toys.  But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Most days.

I am a special needs mama of kids with autism, ADHD, and demanding social schedules and laundry requirements.

I chase squirrels in my mind and raccoons in my yard.  Nerdguy and I were both diagnosed with ADHD this year and we finally understand why our house looks this way.

I used to be an accountant and I still love a good spreadsheet.  Just keep your tax forms away from me.

I’m funny and serious all at the same time.  Nerdguy says that I was born with a briefcase in my hands, and he gave me the name Nerdgirl because I carried giant  accounting textbooks all over campus.  In the summer.  Someone took the name nerdgirl on social media so I am @nerdgirlmom.  As you can see names and titles are not my strong suit.  But a well-timed joke or sarcastic observation are right up my alley.  I’ll show you my kindergarten report card if you don’t believe me – documented proof of my sense of humour.  Although it’s possible I just ate too much paste that year.

Now I spend my days blogging here and regularly writing about special needs, crafts, funny stories, and parenting for sites like BLUNTmoms, parentdish, and momstown.ca.  I also love to help a business tell their story in an entertaining way.

I am also working on publishing an anthology with Shannon Day’s Martinis and Motherhood under our book label Tipsy Squirrel Press.  It’s called Martinis and Motherhood – Tales of Wonder, Woe and WTF?! and it is full of relatable and entertaining stories from a collection of fantastic writers.  Watch for its release later this year!

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