Ring in the New Year Anytime You Want with Netflix! #StreamTeam

My kids are old enough now that they are up until midnight most days during the holidays, so I’m struggling enough with begging them to go to bed every day. New Year’s Eve will be a snap for them. Personally I have been seeing 3am roll by on the clock most days in an effort to have a moment of quiet by the Christmas tree. Not to mention unsupervised snacking and Christmas stocking raiding! But my facebook ghost of Christmas past reminded me today of the years we were able pack the kids off to bed well before we all turned into pumpkins.

I had to rely solely on trickery, begging, and their inability to tell time (which may still apply if the getting ready for school routine is any indication). Luckily for you, you can now ring in the New Year anytime you want with Netflix! And maybe some duct tape to cover up the clocks!

Netflix has special countdowns from Trollhunters, All Hail King Julien, Skylanders Academy, Puffin Rock, Word Party, Beat Bugs, and new additions Pororo, and Larva! Simply open Netflix and look for the celebratory 2018 icon in the kids row! Or search “New Years Eve Countdown” or “Countdowns” in Netflix.

Early New Year’s Eve…handled…in the words of Olivia Pope!

Now all we need is an adult version for when you accidentally host a party, but then realize you are desperate for your jammies and an empty house!

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