Family Movie Night – How to Trick Your Tweens into Snuggling

While most of my family has plenty of Netflix time, it’s often done in pairs, or on our own. Stolen moments of sanity in the middle of a workday when Nerdguy and I will heat up leftovers for lunch and watch a show in uninterrupted peace, or late night solemn promises that we will “just watch one episode” and will “absolutely stay awake” this time.

Molly and Grace binge watch episodes of whatever series has caught their tween attention. Or when they are being particularly sneaky it is streaming from headphones in another room, buying time with silence that is initially welcome, and only later flagged as suspicious behaviour, landing them on Mommy’s Watch List.

But every so often we manage to pull together and have a family movie night. Maggie never fully commits but flits in and out like a fairy. And Nerdguy often needs convincing that it’s okay to sit and breathe and not be working.

This summer when I had a concussion, I initially had to go radio silence on any screens but after a few days I could manage a movie and little else. So every day Molly and Grace joined me to discover some old classics that they hadn’t seen before. Summer was perfect for movie nights, with later bedtimes and no school pressures. Since school has returned we’ve struggled to get back into that easy feeling of relaxed hanging out as a family, but honestly we need it even more than ever.

So on the Thanksgiving weekend, I declared a mandatory family movie night. With snacks and those soft Indigo blankets I get suckered into every winter. I buy them as Christmas gifts. Not one has left the house successfully because my family has no self control to keep themselves from rolling in them the moment it comes home. On at least one occasion it was baptised by slobber and goldfish crackers on the way home from the store, when I made the mistake of leaving it unsupervised in the back seat.

The blankets transform from a considerate gift of indulgence to a passive aggressive Pinterest fail when the fur blanket is coated in tape (both Scotch and duct), cheetos pompoms, and a dirty sock. Come to think of it, I do have a few people on my list that totally have that level of gift coming to them. It’s less direct than a lump of coal, but at least it will still keep them warm.

We watched the movie Holes this weekend because Molly had read the book recently and loved it, and she highly recommended the movie. It was a great movie, with the added benefit of ensuring that my children won’t be breaking any laws anytime soon. The movie is about kids sent to a work camp in the desert that have to dig giant holes in the dirt every day while dodging killer lizards. I couldn’t have created a scarier threat for my kids if I tried…heat, manual labour, killer reptiles…yeah I think they’ll be staying in line for a while!

Disney’s Holes was a great choice for family movie night with our tweens after they read the book! #streamteam



This summer we watched Cool Runnings in order to gear up for the Olympics, Flubber, Matilda, and a whole bunch others that I can’t remember.

We love a good family movie night, and these are our current favourites.

We love a good family movie night, and these are our current favourites.



We love a good family movie night, and these are our current favourites.

I love introducing them to movies that I watched years ago, and it’s so much easier to have a spontaneous movie night when it doesn’t involve wrestling for the last VHS tape at the local Blockbuster.

How often do you have movie nights? Are they planned or whenever the mood strikes?

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It’s Friday night and it’s suddenly freezing here in Southern Ontario, complete with rain, and an exhausted mommy…I’m sliding into my raccoon slippers, fighting for a furry blanket, and declaring popcorn to be a perfectly acceptable dinner. Time for movie night!

We love a good family movie night. Snacks, cozy fur blankets, and favourite slippers are essential.


Disclosure – I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and receive a subscription to feed my addiction allow me to watch guilt-free and pass on my family’s favourites.

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