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Today’s the day! Grace’s class has been a-buzz with excitement about Netflix’s latest original show. They even have it marked on the class calendar. Ask my kids when their project is due, what they did that day, or god forbid, when they plan to clean their rooms and you get blank stares 95 % of the time. But ask them when Fuller House is coming to Netflix, and they can answer that question rapid-fire like Jeopardy contestants. (Which is apparently as close as they will ever get to actually being Jeopardy contestants after the outrageous anti-Canadian announcement this week…my kids were not impressed.)

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Because Mom is super-cool, we got to have a sneak peek and watch the first six episodes of Fuller House ahead of time. We did an admirable job of binge-watching all weekend and re-watching all week. We have similar plans for this weekend.

grace netflix fuller house

Grace has interesting tactics when she doesn’t want the party to end

Don’t tell the truancy police, but they are actually watching episode seven as we speak. It’s 1:45pm. School is nowhere close to being over. Shhhh! We have an event to go to in Toronto tonight, so I pulled them out of class a bit earlier so they could eat lunch at home. I’m surprised Grace’s classmates didn’t try to tag along.


Did you grow up with the Tanner family? I loved that show, and I am pumped to see my kids love Full House as much as I did.

Molly and Grace are in a skit about the eighties, so Molly made this rotary phone. They insist that watching Full House is “research."

Molly and Grace are in a skit about the eighties, so Molly made this rotary phone. They insist that watching Full House is “research.”

And we all agreed that Fuller House did not disappoint. So often reunion shows or remakes become more about nostalgia than about actual good content, but Fuller House delivers both of those with a bang. I think it helps that so many of the cast members chose to participate and that they didn’t force it by keeping the character but using a different actor. If the show producers had a fake Michelle rather than the clever way they address the absence of the Olsen twins in the first episode, it would have left a bad taste from the beginning. It would have been a “New Becky” situation all over again.

The grammar snob in me wanted to cringe at the title. I was afraid that “fuller” was going to be added to the dictionary along with irreplaceable. I was relieved that it actually came from DJ’s married name of Fuller. It’s corny, but effective.

I found the content to be more adult than I was expecting, so you’ll possibly want to pre-screen it to decide if it’s right for your kids. I recommend doing this with a bottle of wine, the good chocolate, and popcorn with plenty of butter. Lock the kids out of your room and conduct your parenting research guilt-free!

When the kids hear you laughing a lot, make sure to tell them you are doing housework and the  dust is making you cough. Invite them to join you in your cleaning fiesta. You won’t see them the rest of the night. (Note that this trick will absolutely blow up in your face with little kids, who still think cleaning is a treat. Tell the pint-sized intruders that you are having a brussel sprout tasting, and washing it down with beet juice.) If their response is, “How rude!” then you know your cover’s been blown.

When you are done binge-watching, do you want some more viewing suggestions on Netflix? You got it dude! Check out the Fuller House collections below:

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