Is It Hot Out There or Is That Just Your Dragon?

I started writing this like three weeks ago or something. I got sucked into some kind of summer time-machine. Pretend summer just started. It’s called suspension of disbelief. It’s a valid literary…something…I want to say tool, but I’m pretty sure I’m the tool…device…concept? I don’t know. Work with me people! Summer is hard. My friend and I had to count up the dots on the yahtze dice by the end of the summer one year because math was no longer an option. That’s the kind of intellect I have at my disposal right now.

We’re having a rainy weekend where I live, which is kind of a bummer for kicking off the summer (it’s only the second day of holidays and I’m already talking like Dr. Seuss…this summer may be the one that breaks me). But we’re taking full advantage of a rainy day to catch the brand new show out on Netflix—Dragons: Race to the Edge. It’s a new series, exclusive to Netflix, based on the popular How to Train Your Dragon movies from DreamWorks Animation, taking place during the five-year period between the two movies.


Molly, Grace, and I were lucky enough to attend a screening of the new series last weekend, where we were treated to the first two episodes. The event was hosted in the Distillery District of Toronto, which I had never been to before. It was such a cool place, with live music and beautiful scenery. Lots of wedding parties having photos taken. I definitely want to go hang out there for a day. Sans children and all their stuff they need me to schlep, interfering with my ability to snap a decent pic. I will also do my best to not look like such a tourist the next time — I was attempting to use my phone GPS to navigate us on foot from the parking garage to the building where the event was. I “got in the map” (Friends reference—I am part Joey!) and heard Anne from Food Retro yell my name. Honestly I’m surprised she would even want to admit she knew me at that point! Even my children were walking ten paces behind me.

We arrived at the event, hosted by Netflix, and the kids were given Passports to Adventure with stations to be completed in order to earn their official Dragon Trainer status.

netflix dragons

Molly and Grace had their faces painted, tossed sheep, and coloured. We dressed up with props and had our photo taken against the green screen of the photo booth, and then we were all ready to hit the final station.

Dragon Training Snacks. There was no snack challenge in my accountant training. I really wish my guidance counsellor had let me know about this more lucrative dragon gig.

We loved the cute names for the snacks, and it’s a great idea for recreating a dragon-themed viewing party at home. Red liquorice made as fire sticks. Doritos as Dragon Scales. Dragon’s Teeth were made from Bugles. Mini eggs are perfect Dragon’s Eggs. There were themed-drinks with awesome names, but I was pretty busy jamming Dragon Puffs into my mouth so I didn’t get a picture of what they were called. We had a whole other lunch buffet as well but I was too busy spilling mustard on my white pants and I have nothing for you. There are two lessons to be learned here: you can’t take me anywhere, and top reporters never wear white pants.

dragons snacks netflix

Quick, turn the lights out so I can spill things on myself in privacy!

The room was set up with great bean bag chairs, cushions and benches, with a big screen for viewing.

dragons viewing netflix


We really enjoyed the show, and I particularly liked the humour, especially from the Grandma. Grace has seen the movies before, whereas Molly has not, but they both loved the show. Molly said she liked the humour and the suspense. Grace liked Astrid and Toothless the best. The most disappointing part for them was having to wait a week to see what happened next! (They never would have survived in my generation.) So they have been glued to the TV catching up on all the action.

We were sent home along the red carpet with plenty of swag, and even a kit for Maggie. The Netflix StreamTeam is always so great about making sure she gets included in the fun even when she is not able to attend (she’s always invited though)! If you look closely at her face below, you’ll see that she’s wearing a disguise. She makes an excellent Dragon Trainer!




dragons swag netflix

Dragons: Race to the Edge is now available on Netflix! Stay tuned for my part 2 post, detailing the kids’ Dragon adventure day!

Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix StreamTeam and receive some pretty cool stuff for doing what my family does best — watch Netflix. Guidance Counsellor fail once again. Not once did she ever mention this as an option!


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