Dairy Farmers of Canada created a unique way to show how yogurt is part of a balanced diet

Worrying about my blood pressure is something I never had to do until this year. I worried for family members and friends who struggled with it, but not for myself. It was too low when I was a teen, regularly causing me to faint when I stood up, normal in my twenties, and even fine when I was pregnant with the twins. Clearly I was superior, and high blood pressure was a problem for other people. I could dismiss it. Pass the chips. Until my blood pressure was suddenly worse than that of anyone I knew and I found myself in the ER in hypertensive crisis the week before Christmas. That got my attention. Pass the yogurt.

When Dairy Farmers of Canada attended The Health, Sports & Lifestyle Expo in Vancouver, they created a powerful and captivating performance to highlight the surprising benefits of yogurt, which aids in the prevention of high blood pressure.

The performance, and the film of it, were made to promote the free Get Enough Helper App, which helps people track what they eat based on recommendations from Canada’s Food Guide.

In the video, we see a gymnast stacking and balancing a series of chairs in front of conference attendees. The gymnast then climbs, twists and contorts his body at seemingly impossible angles on top of the chairs, to show how far we each stretch to find balance in our day.

The performance is intensely physical and dangerous – much like high blood pressure – and encourages the audience to use the Get Enough Helper App to help the fight against high blood pressure. Each day someone uses the App, Dairy Farmers of Canada donates $1 on their behalf to the Heart & Stroke Foundation to support the fight against high blood pressure.

The performance is spellbinding, engaging and stunning, and the video shows conference attendees watching in rapt attention while enjoying complimentary yogurt parfaits and savouring the surprising health benefits of yogurt.

Have a look!

GetEnough.ca – Yogurt’s Surprising Health Benefits

Disclosure – I have been compensated for this post, which is luckily not dependant upon my ability to do handstands on precariously stacked chairs while wearing very snug clothing.

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