My Favourite Cookie Made Easy With No Oven! #KPBSnackBites

One of my most fond memories as a kid was making my mom’s famous peanut butter cookies with her. Dumping in the ingredients, cracking the eggs, and mixing them together is the first memory that I have of cooking at all. But the absolute best part was when I got to make them into balls, roll them in sugar (crucial step!) and flatten with a fork dipped in flour. It was an afternoon to spend connecting with my mom and eating yummy treats, and I always think of her now when I eat a peanut butter cookie. I also think of my cousin when I crack eggs because he cracked the egg right over the floor instead of into the bowl on the day that he helped us. He was always better at everything than I was, so I may enjoyed that moment just a little too much.

We know how much people love Kraft Peanut Butter – its peanut-y goodness reminds us of home and connects us to the people that matter most. With this in mind, we wanted to give peanut butter lovers a whole new way to enjoy their favourite snack — Introducing Kraft Peanut Butter Snack Bites!

KPB snack bites are quick and easy to prepare, with just a few simple ingredients and no baking required! Plus, you can mix in just about any ingredients you can think of for plenty of delicious flavour combinations that you’ll be excited to make and share as a family.

Make Together. Stick Together.

As much as I love my mom’s peanut butter cookies – made with Kraft ALWAYS – I have yet to make them with my kids. It seems hard to find the time to bake together when a recipe takes a long time, so I can’t wait to try some of these quick-to-make KPB Snack Bites. No egg cracking or rolling in sugar required, but sure to make fun memories and yummy treats!

Disclosure – I was compensated to write this post, but I’ve been BFFs with Kraft Peanut Butter for 40 years.

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