Being a Special Sibling

Having a brother or sister with a disability forces you grow up faster in some ways. It can trigger anxiety and resentment, or fierce loyalty, empathy and acceptance. Sometimes, all of those. As a parent, expect to ricochet between pride and worry for your tiny superheroes

I always wondered what it would be like to have a brother or sister. As an only child, I was outnumbered by my parents and had no partner in crime. When I did something wrong, my best shot at blaming someone else was to frame the dog.

When our twin daughters were born just 22 months after our first daughter, I was really unsure about how to handle the sibling dynamic, but I felt like I had read enough How Your Birth Order Defines You magazine quizzes to have an idea.

The part I was completely unprepared for was how that all goes out the window when one of the siblings has special needs.

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