Dairy Farmers of Canada show milk’s health benefits in a captivating way

I was always a big milk drinker as a kid and all through university. I’d like to think that my rock solid teeth and bones of steel are as a result of that, but I hesitate to say it out loud and curse myself. I’ve always known about milk’s calcium benefit, but I never knew that it can contribute to colon health as well. Studies have shown that drinking milk regularly may reduce the chance of getting colorectal cancer. There is a history of that in my family, so I am extra happy that I drank a lot of milk growing up.

Dairy Farmers of Canada wanted to highlight all the surprising ways milk benefits health – like how it could help reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

So they made this beautiful and unexpected video to promote the benefits of milk and their free Get Enough Helper App. The video – which features a stunning interplay between aerialists on long silk ribbons – embodies the ways that milk can help untangle the blue ribbon of colorectal cancer. The App helps people track what they eat based on Canada’s Food Guide, and each day someone uses the App, Dairy Farmers of Canada donates $1 on their behalf to the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada, as well as other worthy causes.

There’s intensity and strength and a bit of drama. It’s all metaphorical, of course. But the video is striking and does a great job of showing us that there’s a lot more to milk than we realize.

Check it out!

GetEnough.ca – The Surprising Health Benefits of Milk

I admit to drinking far too much coffee these days in place of my milk, even while making sure my kids drink theirs. I think it’s time to add more milk back into my diet. I checked out the free Get Enough Helper App for my phone and it looks like a great way to help me track that, while also donating to charity. You can even see the progress toward the $50,000 donation to the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada goal at the bottom of the screen. There are also recipes and tips included in the app, as well as examples of what is considered a serving of each section of the Canada Food Guide

Disclosure – I was provided with compensation for this post, and my opinions should not be considered medical advice.

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