Connecting over March Break

It’s March Break for my kids this week. Maggie is off to the camp that she has been asking for since Valentine’s Day. Molly, Grace and I have been keeping busy while trying to resist the temptation to hang out on our screens all week.

But I will admit that it is not easy. We’re all pretty addicted.

The way that I find it easiest to keep us engaged and not using our screens is to leave the house or do a focussed activity together. So we have made sure to have outings planned for at least half the day each day, and then I don’t feel too bad when we all stare at separate screens later. And I have tried really hard not to sneak too many peeks at my phone while we are out.

From power outages to rainy days, sometimes the most unexpected moments can bring us together.

With blackouts on the rise and ice storms more common than ever before, whether by chance or by choice, we tend to connect more when we’re powered down.

The latest video from Kraft Peanut Butter shows the powerful moments of connection that can be created when we disconnect.

I’m not sure that I would have been able to ignore my phone like the mom in the video, but I’ll work on that. But we have been playing more games together as a family, even when we have full power. We all realized this week how much we have missed that with the busy schedules and long to-do lists. March Break has been a great time for us to relax in the evenings since all of the extra-curricular are on hold for the week, and I find myself looking forward to summer camping already when we can disconnect even more.

Disclosure – I have been compensated for this post, I love peanut butter, and power outages make me itchy.

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