Something Nerdguy and Nerdgrandpa Agree On #oneday4android


I’m an Apple girl all the way, much to the dismay of Nerdguy and my father.  My dad keeps referring to “the dark side” like my phone connects directly to Darth Vader or something.  And Nerdguy designs android products for a living so when he gets a new gadget he’s “working.”  Although I did catch him eying my new macbook a little too closely.

One thing that has helped Nerdguy and I navigate our apple vs android lifestyles is when the same app is available on both platforms.  We like to share our calendars, tasks, and grocery lists and life is sweet when we find a product that we both like that we can use on our phones.

One app that I like to use is the One Day app to interview the kids.  Remember the interviews I did about them, the Throwback Thursday edition when they turned the camera on me, and the ones for Halloween?

990x450_OneDay_Blog_Now_Available-Android (1)

Up until now it has only been available for iOS but now One Day is available for Android devices.  Right now it’s only available in the U.S. so Nerdguy can’t use it – but I’m willing to go to Florida to try it out.  You know, “for work.”  But my dad is in the U.S. so maybe he will make a video – there are great topics for adults to answer and we haven’t seen him since he wisely left for the warm weather in the fall.  Although if he has the ocean in the background I will likely shout some obscenities at the screen.

None of this nonsense.  Only brick walls and rain in the background of your video is allowed.

None of this nonsense Dad. Only brick walls and rain in the background of your video is allowed. It’s very snowy here and there are no sea lions to entertain me – only mice and raccoons.  Not the same.

Download the app for FREE now on iOS or Android.

Disclosure: I have been compensated to write this post, but all opinions are my own.  Except the ones that are my husband’s or my father’s.

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