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I grew up knowing that honey is good for me.  My dad’s favourite cure for a sore throat or cough is a couple of big spoons full of honey straight-up.  It’s what I put in tea in place of sugar when I am feeling under the weather.  The sweet taste of the honey, warmth of the steaming tea, and the memory of how my dad taught me to make tea are soothing and always make me feel a little better.  When my dad was recovering from surgery at my house ten years ago I would make tea with honey every night and I think it was good medicine for all of our souls.

We’re all trying to reduce the amount of sugar that we are ingesting these days, but that doesn’t mean our sweet tooth is going anywhere anytime soon, and I don’t like the idea of artificial sweeteners either.  And it’s not just food that I want to keep chemical-free but still tasting great.  I want the vitamins I give my kids to contribute to their health, not fill them with artificial colours and flavours while I sneak a few vitamins in.  But they can’t do their job if the kids refuse to take them because they taste bad.  Honey is a great solution.

The kids and I had the chance to try out honibe honey gummies™ in both the complete and the kids complete formulations.  This came along at the perfect time because we have had perpetual colds in the house and I’ve been sluggish all month.  Our systems need a boost.  I hadn’t bought anything because I find vitamins expensive, and I get stuck trying to find the perfect one and end up not buying anything.  When the solution you have been looking for ends up getting mailed directly to you…well that’s just perfect for this sidetracked ADHDer.

honibe honey gummies

honibe honey gummies™ are made from Canadian honey, contain 50% less refined sugar than other vitamin gummies, and are free of gluten, dairy, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.  These things are important to most people, but especially to families like mine that have kids with autism or ADHD.  Many of our kids are particularly sensitive to gluten, casein, and artificial colours.  They are also often picky eaters due to sensitivities to textures, smells and tastes so it can be difficult to make sure they are getting a balanced diet.  Maggie will not eat a vegetable and it is a small miracle if we can get her to eat dinner at all.  But she also won’t take medicine of any kind.  Not even a chewable vitamin.  But she tries to steal the gummies.  Shhh…no one tell her they’re good for her.

The good news for us…not so much for the kids…is that they only need one a day.  So much easier on the wallet than brands that have 2 or more as the daily serving.  One bottle of 60 gummies is enough for two months for one person, and the bottles are roughly the same price as other brands that last one month.  That’s huge savings!

Speaking of savings, honibe® has a special offer on right now until March 31st – buy any 2 bottles of honibe honey gummies™ online and receive a FREE bottle of honibe honey gummies™ Fruit and Vegetable PLUS free shipping for your WHOLE order!  Now there’s an offer that’s sweet like honey!

honibe honey gummiesTM

honibe® also donates enough Vitamin A for a whole year for a child in need for each bottle of honibe honey gummies™ that is sold through their website, through their Vitamin Angels® program.  It’s great when we are improving the health of others just by taking care of ourselves.

The company also strives to educate people about the plight of the honey bee – my apologies for the Flight of the Bumblebees ear worm.  The bee population is dying off, which is an indicator that our planet is in real trouble.  There are some great resources on the honibe® site about this problem and what we can do.  Let’s save the bees.  But not the wasps.  The wasps can die.  Today.

July 2012 bees 073 copy

Honey Bees at Bronte Provincial Park in 2012

July 2012 bees 075 copy

Enter the honibe® contest below to win a one year supply (6 bottles) of honibe honey gummies™.  Contest open to residents of Canada, excluding Quebec.

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Disclosure:  I have been compensated and received product for testing purposes.  Opinions are my own, but based on information provided by the company.  I am not a health professional, and you should consult your doctor to see if vitamins are right for you.

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