12 Monkeys

If you’ve been following my Facebook page lately then you will see the complaining that I have been doing about this week.  Monday reached new levels of suckage.  Maggie caused a riot at Target, which is about the last thing that the employees need to witness in their last remaining days before the stores close.  I’m sure they wanted to get right down on the store and scream with her.  I had sweat through nine layers of clothing by the time Molly, Grace and I got her to the car.  The bad news is that I was only wearing three layers.  Nerdguy was at a parent info session for Molly’s social skills group, so I had the extra-curricular run to do myself.  No biggie, but I did cave on getting Maggie that happy meal that I had denied her earlier in the day.  We arrived back the house ready for an hour for her to eat and me to sort the laundry of a medium-sized village.  And my key snapped off in the door lock.  Hilariously enough that was item number two in a list that George Takei posted the next day of people having worse days than us.  You know it’s bad when…

Thank the Lord that the hide-a-key actually had a key in it, against all ADHD odds, and I was able to go in through the garage.

Then at pickup Maggie lost one of the teeny-tiny mittens from her lalaloopsy and screamed the entire way home.  I searched the whole van by iPhone flashlight, convinced that she had it when she got into the van, but it was gone.

But it was okay.  The next day would be better.

Cue the stomach flu.  I don’t remember ever being that sick before.  I still feel like someone beat me up.  Maybe aliens.

All silly problems in the grand scheme of things, but in the moment I was quite sure the apocalypse was happening.

I need to restart cable so that I can see if any of these things are actually signs – Showcase is doing a free preview of the Canadian premiere of the series 12 Monkeys, inspired by the movie of the same name.  The basis of the story is that Cole (played by Aaron Stanford of NikitaX-Men: The Last StandX2) travels back in time, using a dangerous and untested form of time travel, from 2043 to present day to try to find and destroy a deadly plague before it destroys the human race.

I’m waiting for my doorbell to ring because I’m convinced that I am patient zero.

12 Monkeys - Season 1

It’s got Zeljko Ivanek in it too – he was SO good in Damages and everything I’ve seen him in – and Amanda Schull, who has been in a ton of stuff, like Suits and Pretty Little Liars, but will always be Jody from Center Stage in my head.

The series premiered on January 16th and airs Fridays at 10pm ET.

Here are the previews – the show looks really good!  Have you watched any of it yet or seen the movie?  Let me know if a key breaking off in a lock is the first sign of the apocalypse.  I’ll be in my shelter basement waiting.



Disclosure – I have been compensated to write about this show, but all of my opinions are mine, and hopefully I’ll also be provided with the antidote to this plague that I have.

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