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It’s New Year’s Eve and we are ready to ring in 2015 King Julien style!!!

all hail king julien nye

Earlier this month Molly, Grace and I were thrilled to be able to go downtown Toronto to see the world premiere sneak peek of the new Netflix series All Hail King Julien!  It is a spin-off prequel to the Madagascar movies that we all love so much, so we were super-psyched to see it.

king julien premiere

Before the movie started the kids were taught how to do the dance that King Julien does at the beginning of the show.  Actually I think we were all supposed to learn the dance, but my spanx were at home and so was my flask.  Without those there can be no dancing.  Molly and Grace had a blast learning the dance from the three amazing leaders, who needed neither spanx nor flask…oh to be young and mobile.

We got to watch the first two episodes in a real movie theatre, popcorn and all!!  All three of us loved the show – it had plenty of humour for kids and adults, which is the key to an animated show for us.  It even has a tiny, fuzzy stalker named Mort – Molly’s favourite!  Grace’s favourite is Clover “because she’s a ninja.”  The first episode has King Julien and his loyal staff trying to determine who the one person who doesn’t like him is, and results in lowering his popularity by even more.  Sounds like politics to me!  Maybe this show could be a training video for Parliament Hill.


Check out the fun video from our day and see if you can spot Molly and Grace busting a move.  You’ll spot me because I’m the one standing still…and possibly hovering.

The awesome people that run the Netflix #streamteam treated us like we were royalty – human royalty that is, not lemurs luckily.  I told them that Maggie would have loved to attend the event but movie theatres are tricky and I wasn’t sure how she would do.  I did know she was going to be loud.  So I had decided just to bring the other girls.  The team had a special loot bag to send home for Maggie because they wanted to make sure she was included – she loves the Madagascar movies and even dressed as a penguin for Halloween.  Thanks Stream Team for making her day special too!!!!

We may have been lucky enough to get a sneak peek, but all of us can enjoy the first five episodes that are now on Netflix.  I forgot to tell the kids about the release date, but it was the first thing that Grace noticed after school when she fired up her iPad and she immediately started doing the dance.

grace dancing to king julien

Well, after shouting that it was on there and running to me with a huge grin.

grace finds king julien on netflix

If you want to put a huge grin on your own faces, ring in the New Year King Julien Style by checking out the show on Netflix with the kids, and then letting the funniest lemur going help you count down ANY TIME YOU WANT today.  I’m thinking 3pm.  I just have to run to the store for some black spray paint for the windows.

KJN New Years Eve_comp_02_86467

Here’s the video here – you can thank me in chocolates:

Happy New Year’s!!!  I hope you have a wonderful night and a happy and healthy year ahead!

KJN New Years Eve_comp_02_90256

Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix #streamteam which means that I get paid in lemurs sometimes while I shovel popcorn in my mouth.  And my kids may think that we are celebrities.

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