Hello From #HolidayMode

I was looking back at my photos from the past couple of days and surprised at how little there were on my phone.  At first I was going hold a trial to see who deleted them all, but that seemed like a lot of work frankly.  And I don’t think it ’tis the season for accusations  and sentencing after all.  And then I realized that the pictures weren’t there because I hadn’t taken them!  There were a couple snapped during the gift opening, but not a single video.  Who am I?  It was a little disconcerting.  I had some trouble adjusting, much like Tablet Dad:

All in all though it was truly awesome to enter #HolidayMode and just enjoy my family.  It was wonderful to see so many other bloggers encouraging each other to unplug for the holidays as well…social media passes by so quickly, and it’s much easier to disconnect when everyone else is too.  Tweeting to yourself just gets awkward.

Just in case you are starting to think WHO IS SHE?  I don’t know her at all anymore!!!  Never fear…I did take a whole bunch of food pictures.  My turkey was amazing.  It had to be documented to counter all the fish stick and chicken nugget photos from the rest of the year.

christmas turkey

I may have shrieked and even lunged a little bit when Nerdguy went to carve the turkey before I could get a picture of it.  I expect I may be in Telus’ video next year:

The good news is that I was never in danger of burning my mouth!

Did you enter #HolidayMode this season?  How did you find it – easy or do you have to purposefully hide your devices?  Any tips for me?  We still have another week of time off – tomorrow might involve making paper tablet frames for the whole family – Molly and Grace spent half the afternoon making stop-motion videos of their dolls – I think they may need an intervention.  I don’t know where they get it from.  Probably their father.  Now, who’s seen my phone?


Disclosure – I was compensated to write this post about the Telus campaign.  I should also be compensated for that award-quality turkey I cooked yesterday.  I’m billing my family.


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