Throwback Thursday – An Interview

The kids and I had so much fun with the interviews that I did of them with the One Day app that we decided to make another one.  Except this time they turned the camera on me and it was my turn to think on my feet.  Actually on my bottom because I was sitting in my favourite chair in the whole world.  Well except for the throne that I dream of having one day.  That chair will be my very favourite.

There are lots of topics to choose from for interviewing adults, but I didn’t let them see the list.  There was NO WAY I was ready to answer for my university days, and I was afraid they would pick that one.  I haven’t fully formed a good cover story for my entire first year yet.  Something involving a convent and the research room at the library.  So I chose the topic that asked questions about my childhood.



Wasn’t I just an adorable little BOY?


Molly ran the camera, and figured out the controls easily.  I think next time I will sit closer to her or do it at a table so that her twitchy little arms don’t turn it into the Blair Witch Project.  She enjoyed asking me the questions though and she said that she learned some things about me that she didn’t know before.  Like maybe that I lived on a court – I mentioned that about four times like it was a secret buzzword in a game show.

I like the feature that allows you to skip over questions that you don’t like, delete them, or record them again.  I wish cocktail parties had this feature.

Now remember as you are watching…DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SET…you haven’t had too much coffee, but perhaps my daughter has.

I can’t believe I left out velour…I rocked the velour pantsuit look.  And I also loved reading Choose Your Own Adventure and Judy Blume.  I think I fell off my bike a few too many times as a child…some memories are pretty fuzzy.  But I could tell you what happened on every episode of Three’s Company.  If my memory keeps getting worse, in 20 years all my stories will be about the time we fooled Mr. Roper.  I think I should probably record a full set of these interviews ASAP!

My know...on the court

My house…you know…on the court


Tara and Hershey.  One of us is rocking the flannel nightgown

Tara and Hershey. One of us is rocking the flannel nightgown


Brandy and I - he's trying to steal my cup.  No one steals Tara's drink!

Brandy and I – he’s trying to steal my cup. No one steals Tara’s drink!

Download the app from iTunes for your iPhone or iPad and let your kids discover something they didn’t know about you.  And remember those handy skip and delete features!  Bonus points if you can say that you lived on a court more times than I did.

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Disclosure:  I received compensation for writing about the One Day app, but no actors were used in the making of this film.  You know, just in case you thought that was Sandra Bullock or someone.  Just want to be clear.  Also, the first person to ask me when I am due…because OMG why did I eat all that Halloween candy…gets a raccoon sent to them.  I assure you it is an ice cream and candy baby and that’s all!  Also I am only responsible for raccoon delivery, not the administration of the contest.


    • Tara says

      On behalf of my parents I deeply apologize Brandy lol If it makes you feel better, there are something like 10 different elephants named Tara.

  1. Sarah Matos says

    My one statement would be, I am so proud of you. Which I share often. It is important for them to hear positivity.

  2. Stephanie Robertson says

    I would love for my son to know that no matter what he chooses in life I will love him always. That’s basically the only statement that I would want to share with him.

  3. Pamela Gurganus says

    One statement I would love to share is one my grandmother shared with me when I was a kid…don’t be in a hurry to grow up!

  4. Pamela Gurganus says

    One statement I would love to share is one my grandma shared with me when I was a kid…don’t be in a hurry to grow up!

  5. Debarshi das says

    This is an awesome giveaway, and I would use this to buy Thomas and friends and Garth brooks. then give it to myself or my kids. 🙂

  6. kristin Smith says

    I’m always trying to talk to them about how cruel this world can be at times…i protect them as much as i possibly can,but i try my best to tell them the truth..i doubt like to sugar coat things because i don’t think that is serving them any justice…because the truth of the matter is, when they get older and they are out there in the real world where people will not care to soften the blow, or “go easy” on them! I also tell them that it’s important to be kind to others..we never know what that persons story is or where they are on their journey, and wet could have a huge impact on others ans not even know it..and i say it cab be a positive or negative experience..depending on how we treat them! 🙂 Thanks for a great post.

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