How to Make a Web Series

Actually I have no idea.  But I know a good one when I see it, and there are tips in the videos at the end of this post for those of you thinking of wading into that territory.  I just like to watch.  That sounds awkward.

Remember when I told you all about STORYHIVE from TELUS?  It’s that online platform with a Kickstarter vibe, where content creators from British Columbia and Alberta can compete for a chance to win funding for their project.  The contestants have submitted their entries and now it is time for us to vote!!


The pitch videos are now on STORYHIVE, and our votes determine the 15 from each province who will win $10,000 to produce the pilot of their web series.  Each of the 30 winners will have their pilot aired on TELUS Optik TV On Demand.

I love the local aspect to the contest – that the contestants are all from the same few cities – the community that can be built among the entrants can be just as valuable as the prize.  I know that I count on the blogging community to help me grow and learn and also for networking.  I’ll bet a real synergy is formed between the web series’ producers as well to make amazing products.  I’m jealous of all those west coasters who get to have a hand in launching the careers of people in their own communities.  I love seeing local sites on TV and it would be so much fun to watch the videos and look for people I might know and might spot on the street one day.  I think I am crossing into stalker territory here and have probably just ruled out Southern Ontario as a future location.

Go to STORYHIVE and watch the pitches.  I love how widely the topics vary – there’s definitely something for everyone.  And hurry because voting closes on December 1st!  But first watch these videos if you want to see someone as awkward as I am.  They’re hilarious and will make your day.

This is episode 2 of the How to Make a Web Series web series (how’s that for meta) with Nicole.  And for the record, I do own a briefcase:

Episode 3 is an interview with those funny guys at Convos with My 2-Year-Old:

And here is Episode 1 if you missed it.  But first go vote!!


Disclosure:  I received compensation to write this post, but absolutely no pizza.

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