Halloween Is Over Mom!

The fall is always such a whirlwind here.  I think I say that about every season don’t I?  I think if we removed about 4 holidays or events in the year I may be able to catch up.  It starts with back to school, and it seems like it is immediately Thanksgiving.  Then there is Halloween, the twins’ birthday, and boom I’m behind the eight ball on my Christmas shopping.

Of course it doesn’t help that Maggie is done with one event and she has already skipped ahead to the next three.  The second that Halloween was over she began demanding “Christmas Eve and Valentine’s Day.”  I reminded her that her birthday is before Christmas, which initially excited her.  She talked non-stop about her sleep-over party that we are planning.  And then without notice, she turned on us.  You can’t even mention her birthday without her getting angry and demanding a Christmas tree.  Perfectly well-meaning people smile at her, talk about how excited they are for her party, and she screams no in their faces and runs away.  She may be taking that whole it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to a tad far.

Last week I came home from being away all day, walked into my upstairs bathroom, and was greeted with this sight:

fall decorations in bathroom

Maggie had gathered all of the fall decorations from around the main floor, carried them up to my bathroom that she doesn’t use and stacked them all around the toilet.  I’m not sure if it’s because she knows that she won’t have to see them in there or if she thinks that the only way to get our attention is to interfere with our ability to use indoor plumbing.  Nerdguy said that when she got home from school she picked up the tiny little pumpkin that was still on our porch and threw it onto the street in a huff, and then stormed into the house and ripped down all the Halloween drawings off the walls.

I’m going to share the photos of the girls from Halloween with you, but I’ll have to post them while she’s not looking or I’ll be in big trouble!

halloween 2014

Maggie decided at the last minute that she wanted to be a penguin.  When I asked her to pose for a photo she began flapping away!  It’s kind of the perfect costume for a child with autism who wants to flap – brilliant move Maggie!  Grace has wanted to be a lumberjack for quite awhile, and then Molly decided that she wanted to be a tree.  She basically invited her sister to chase her with an ax.  The girls wore rain ponchos to keep them dry.  One guy thought they were dressed as gift baskets, and another lady accused them of not bothering to get dressed up.  There were a few other awkward moments.  Like the man who was dressed just like Grace except he had a beard.  Grace and I just looked at each other, both wondering if it was a costume or not, and silently daring the other to ask.  It’s a mystery that will not be solved because we both chickened out.  The other awkward moments came after our sixth house where the homeowner had the girls choose their own candy out of the bowl.  Maggie didn’t understand at first, but then went on to believe that every house after that had an open-bowl policy.  It turned into a fairly serious game of studying and swiping candy at each house.

Here are some cute videos that I made of Molly and Grace talking about what they think of Halloween.  They don’t feel quite the same rage as certain other people!

Gotta run…time to get ready for Easter if I’m going to keep up with Maggie’s pace!!


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    Best videos ever! You will love having those in years to come. Wish I’d done that for my kids. Maybe next year. Who are we kidding.

    As for me getting on top of holidays, HA! We skip Christmas and Easter so that leaves birthdays and halloween and I’m still behind. Maybe you and I could split holidays!?

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

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