Have you always wanted to make a web series but you lack the funds to complete your project?  Is your studio that scary corner of your basement because it’s the only place that’s quiet?  **It’s quiet because spiders are noiseless and the rest of the family refuses to go near the “haunted crawlspace.”**  And does your equipment consist of an iPhone waving around precariously on the end of a mop handle, so every episode ends up being about sea sickness?

If this describes you, then you will want to drop everything (maybe hang onto the mop in case a spider tries to crawl up your pant leg again), and check out STORYHIVE!  STORYHIVE is an online platform with a Kickstarter vibe, where content creators from Metro Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, and Edmonton can compete for a chance to win funding for their project.  15 competitors per province from BC and Alberta will receive $10,000 to produce their web series pilot.  And 1 winner from each province will receive $50,000 plus training and mentorship to produce their series.


And if you would rather watch content than create it, that’s great too because the winners are chosen from votes by the community.

Watch this video to learn how to make a web series.  Or just watch it because you’re sick to death of Halloween and the video is hilarious.  I could be projecting here.

Something fun to try out the next time you are unsupervised at the grocery store:

And how to make your own teleprompter.  I’m bringing one of these to my next IEP meeting so I remember my lines:

Go to to read about how to get involved.  HURRY because the application deadline is November 3rd, 2014!  Go on…you can watch cat videos later!


Disclosure:  I received compensation to write this post.  I will probably need to use that money to reimburse the grocery store for the incredible mess I plan to make trying out that watermelon trick.

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