In Search of the Ultimate Holiday Movie

I am beyond excited that Halloween is almost over.  It’s not just because I can’t wait to eat all the candy that the kids bring home either.  That’s only part of it.  There’s also that whole part about Halloween costumes being the bane of my existence.  Can you believe that Maggie keeps changing what she wants to be TOMORROW?!  And we still have pumpkin carving to do tonight.  By ‘we’ I mean Nerdguy.  I seem to be sensitive to the pumpkin guts – both in the whiny, crying, OMG don’t make me do this anymore type of sensitive, and also in the itchy hives kind of way.  So I happily handed the carving knife over.  Although I have the same reaction to dusting, and no one is exactly wrestling the duster out of my hand.

But after tomorrow, it will all be behind me (literally in the case of the 5 pound candy weight gain), and I can start doing what I look forward to all year – I can freely start playing Christmas movies on a 24 hour loop!

Settle down!  I’m not rushing the holiday season or doing one of those stressful xx shopping days left or anything.  Those are awful.  No.  I’m talking about sitting and watching movies.  No stress – a vacation if anything.  Ooh, maybe a National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – I spotted that piece of gold on Netflix the other day!  The reason that I need to start watching now is because there are so many that I love, and it’s hard to fit them all in if I wait.  Apparently the children still want to be fed and driven places.  Grinches.

By the way there are only 55 shopping days left until Christmas.  And 47 until Hanukkah!

Just in case you are starting to panic as much as I suddenly am, you’ll be glad to hear that I may be able to help you out with that. has provided my family with a new Roku 3 to stream our movies on, and they are generously letting me give one to TWO of my lucky readers!!!  I’m getting started early on the holiday movie watching so that I can screen the best ones for the lucky winners to watch on their early holiday gift!

roku 3

I know I am going to stream Netflix on my Roku 3 most of the time (hello…addicted!) but there are tons of other channels to choose from, and Nerdguy was pretty psyched about playing Angry Birds Space using the remote with motion control.  The other cool feature about the remote is that it has a headphone jack so that I can keep watching after the kids have gone to bed.  Can’t have light sleepers waking up while I’m wrapping gifts!  Or eating shortbread!  I love the sleek look of the Roku 3 as well – it fits anywhere, with no heavy lifting – I’m still recovering from lifting our ancient TV by myself.

What are your favourite holiday movies?  My family will be streaming holiday movies all month, and at the end of November we will crown our pick for ‘Ultimate Holiday Movie’ and I will announce my two lucky winners as we #StreamInto2015 !

Contest open to residents of Canada excluding Quebec.

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Disclosure:  I received a Roku 3 and snacks from so that we could crown our ‘Ultimate Family Movie.’  I am also a member of the Netflix Streamteam, which provides me with a free membership and perk throughout the year.


    • nicolthepickle says

      Me too Lee-Ann. Have you seen Mr. Deeds? It has Jimmy Stewart in it too, and it’s just as good (maybe better :p)

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