An Easy Way to Interview Your Kids

My kids would do quite well as celebrities or royals because they are accustomed to having someone chasing them around with a camera.  Although one puts her feet on the table (kitchen…not coffee), one chews with her mouth open, and one has to be reminded to wear underwear, so maybe we’re not quite ready for Buckingham Palace yet.  I shoot a lot of videos of them doing cute things.  And a few for blackmail when I am campaigning to be put in the good nursing home.  But I often don’t end up doing anything with the videos because they’re just little clips, and they get lost among the everyday.  Except the blackmail tapes – those get backed up at my lawyer’s office.

I tried out a new free app this week called One Day.  It’s a way of asking people questions, recording their answers, and compiling it into a video complete with professional-looking transitions and music.  The questions are organized by age and theme, and you can ask all the questions under a theme or only a few.  Then the app stitches the clips together, showing the question on the screen before each clip.

I did one for each of the kids, and Nerdguy even wanted to be interviewed.  I think it’s because he was wearing a tie and he wanted it documented.  You can see his video another time – he said some pretty sweet things about me and I’m still blushing.  And he may have also implied said that I’m cheap and easy because I could be won over with a pack of gum.  Actually, I think this video might go in the legal file too.

I love how the videos turned out because they become video scrapbooks that are less about what the kids are doing in a moment, but more about who they actually are.  Maybe this will make up for the lack of baby books?  *crosses fingers*

I wasn’t brave enough to ask them the “Advice for Mom” questions.  They just added a new Halloween theme so I am going to check that out next.  I am also going to suggest a “Cross examination” category that I think will come in very handy during the teen years for catching them up in their web of lies.

Check out my videos below – see if you can spot the unmedicated fidgety ones!  And make sure you go to the bottom of this post because there is a fantastic giveaway that I do not want you to miss out on!  My kids are pretty cute, but don’t let them distract you out of the chance to win a $250 Target gift card!


Download One Day from itunes and let me know which movie you make first!

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one dayDisclosure – I have been compensated to write about this app, but the opinions and three children are mine.  Maybe one day when we’re royals I will hire actors.  Don’t worry…I’ll remember you!


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