Back From Bliss

I have been back from the blogging conference Blissdom Canada for a couple of days now, and I am still in that weird head space.  I feel recharged from being fully immersed in a subject that I love with people who inspire and support me.  I also have a thousand ideas sitting in my tablet waiting to be put into action.  But I am also exhausted.  And you know how I have a squirrel problem – ALL THE IDEAS MUST HAPPEN NOW!!!  Or next week.

I am also still in the process of setting up my office in the bedroom.

That sounds way inappropriate.

Don’t try to set up an appointment.

What I mean, is that I have moved a desk into the empty half of the bedroom so that I can have some peace and quiet.  I still have to shift some other furniture in and out, including my kids’ easel – WHY is there an easel in here – does someone come in and sketch us while we’re sleeping?  I knew those kids were weird.

Today I am going to work on setting the rest of my office up so that I have a clean and productive workspace.  I might have to move the coffee pot up here.  In the meantime I will let those Blissdom thoughts swirl around in my head for a little bit longer.  But I have started getting some of my plans organized in my new DotMine planner.  It’s funny because I was planning to buy a planner – maybe it didn’t happen because I didn’t have a planner to write my plan – you SEE why I have trouble?  I’m glad that I ran out of time to get one before the conference because I got this awesome family_time.mine planner from DotMine in my swag bag, and it suits what I need better than anything else I have seen in the stores.  If you would like to order one at , you can use the code BLISS14 to get 20% off through October 31st 2014!  We can be planner nerds together.  Mine is the Petites Fleurs design, which is beautiful and matches my office – okay bedspread – but I am starting a campaign for a squirrel and raccoon design for next year.  I think they are going to want me as their spokesperson.  Do spokesperson requests get delivered by a process server?

dotmine family time planner cover


dotmin family time planner inside

Do you use a paper planner still?  As much as I am on my phone, and I keep my appointments in my google calendar (papers don’t have alarms – I need alarms), my lists and planning have to be on paper.  I thought I was in the minority, but it was funny how many people in a room full of bloggers felt the same way, and how many of us were taking notes in a traditional notebook as well.  Sometimes tech just doesn’t cut it.

Watch for a complete Blissdom Canada 14 wrap-up later in the week.  In the meantime be sure to check out my instagram and twitter feeds for lots of pictures of what I was up to.


    • Tara says

      Louise – I think one of the first posts I read of yours was about you and your notebook and it made me want to keep coming back to see where your notebook led us.

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