From Bragging to Bliss

blissdom canada 2013It’s Monday morning.  I haven’t showered.  I’m behind on school paperwork already.  And we had a total case of the Mondays trying to get ready for school this morning.  Entirely my fault too because I just couldn’t get myself going this morning.  Binge watching Covert Affairs on Netflix until 4am on Saturday night apparently takes a bit of a toll.  Don’t ever watch that in the middle of the night by yourself by the way.

So we’ve established that I am not at my finest today.  Starting the week behind the 8 ball is not ideal, so I’m going to turn the week around, and make myself feel better.

By bragging.

I may suck at packing lunches on a Monday morning, but I’m going to focus on all the people who have made me feel really good the past couple of weeks.  It may not be good manners to brag, but neither is eating the last chocolate bar in the bathroom so you don’t have to share.  Why start being polite now?

The first bit of great news that I got this month is that someone nominated me for Schmutzie’s Canadian Weblog Awards in the categories of Family & Parenting, and Humour!!!!  I am so honoured that someone took the time out of their busy day to nominate me.  The tweet came in on one of those days that I really needed some external validation.  Go check out the list of the other nominees and see the great company I am with.  There is still time this month to nominate other people as well.  Well not in my categories – they’re closed.  Trust me.  Don’t try.  Just don’t.   And the best part is that it is judged by a jury, not by begging for votes!  I love that!




The next thing to make me feel awesome was like a surprise party in my computer.  I was surfing my twitter feed and saw a post on Yummy Mummy Club about 5 Blogs You Should Be Reading.  Intrigued, I clicked on it, started reading along.  And then I died.  Well not really, but I’m sure my heart stopped for a bit.  Don’t Lick the Deck was one of the five!!!!  Are you kidding me?  The lovely Jackie Gillard of My Papaya Jambalaya has no idea how good she made me feel!  And I love how she describes my writing:

“Tara Wilson makes me laugh. Her posts are a thoughts-to-blog app running from her mind into a writing style that flows into an amusing chronicle of her life.”

I am SO quoting her on my book cover!

To prove that good things come in threes, my friend and fellow BLUNTmom Shannon Fisher of Truthfully tagged me in a blog tour.  She said some really nice things about me – go read them when you’re done here – she’s really sweet and an amazing writer – and if she says that I have the best blog name ever, then it must be true – it’s right in her blog name!  I will be answering her questions and tagging some people on the tour later this week.

To end Tara appreciation month (let’s work on getting that on a calendar) a couple of my sweet friends devoted their statuses…status…statti…what is the plural of status anyway…anyway they said nice things about me on facebook.  Thanks Shayna and Jessica!!

The best part of all of this is that I get to see all of these people at BlissDom Canada at the end of the month, which is where I originally met them all, along with a whole slew of other friends and colleagues that I have met there over the past three years. I know some of you are nervous about attending on your own, or for your first time.  I was that person too.  But the friendship and support that I have felt from the people I met there shows what can come from putting yourself out there, getting to know people, and building a tribe.  I’m nothing special.  But something about the people I have met through BlissDom sure makes me feel like I am.

If you are going to BlissDom let me know in the comments!  Come find me when we’re there or tweet me.  It is such an inclusive and inspiring environment, and I don’t think that I can wait two more weeks!  I love the theme this year.  Be Bold. Be Proud. Be You.  I think this year’s conference is shaping up to be the best one yet!


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