August Adventures

I can’t believe that school is almost here!  Every year I am amazed at how the summer whips by, and we only got in a fraction of our summer bucket list.  I usually spend July floating along, trying to have a loose schedule and often making the comment “We have the rest of the summer still,” when the kids want to know what day we are going to do this activity or that.  Then August arrives and I switch into a Do All the Things frenzy, trying to cram in appointments, day trips, room cleaning, and back to school shopping.  We always take the last week of the summer to spend as a family, usually camping, which is its own adventure for sure!

A new adventure that we went on this year was to visit the CNE.  I had been as a kid, and once with Nerdguy, but we had yet to visit as a family.  We decided to go during our camping trip, and were thrilled to discover that we were going on the first day of the Dora the Explorer show.  I don’t even mean that sarcastically.  I’ve mentioned before that Maggie loves Dora, and that a lot of her language and scripting comes from that show.  We knew that the outing might be hard for her, with all the sounds, crowds, and smells, but if there was a train ride, Dora, and mini donuts she would have fun.  I was there mainly for the mini donuts, but you knew that already didn’t you?

We were mid-week into our camping trip, and Maggie was already saying “Time to go home!” in her voice that is part sing-song and part threatening.  This could either work in our favour because at that point she would maybe go anywhere that wasn’t camping, or she would be really upset because she was desperate to be home.  So we made it into her favourite kind of adventure by phrasing the trip like Dora would.  First ride the train, then see SuperDogs, then watch Dora!  We even had a backpack and a map.  This had to work!

Maggie got right into the idea, happily boarding the train.  She and Molly also surprised me with how well they managed the sensory overload of the CNE.  There were so many things that we wanted to do there, but only a limited amount of time, money, and ability to stay together.  We decided on the SuperDogs show, exploring the farm building, the gymnastics area of the sports zone, the Dora show, the acrobats show, and seeing the Reptilia trailer.  It’s not often that we find a place that has favourites for all of our kids!

Another thing we loved about the CNE was that they give free admission to people with disabilities and one support person, so Maggie and Nerdguy got in for free.  I felt guilty about our support person being a parent, but the truth is that there was no way that I could take all 3 girls on my own – Maggie needs one person in charge of her at all times, holding her hand.  Thanks CNE for making it more affordable for families like ours.  Although I did see that the policy is changing for next year, which I hope isn’t true.

CNE 2014 The Ex

Waiting for the train, the Super Dogs show, watching our Tiny Tom donuts be made fresh, riding the Go Train, and Grace showing off her fishing skills – she casted to the water at the far end first try,

Maggie’s face just beamed when Dora came on stage, making this adventure a great way to end off the summer.

Dora the Explorer at the CNE 2014

Maggie’s expression went from disbelief that we were really going to see Dora, to joy, to too much joy, to pure contentment!


While Dora the Explorer is definitely the favourite adventure show in this family, Netflix has lots of great titles this month that are sure to please your explorers.


Big Kids
For your Little Ones and the young at heart explorers:


While our adventures were a lot of fun this past week, we are all glad to be back home with wifi, the Keurig, and Netflix!


Disclaimer:  I am a part of the Netflix Canada #StreamTeam and I receive product and a subscription to Netflix in exchange for watching TV writing about the service.  My opinions are always my own.

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