Rev Run at #McDBlogHer

McDonald’s brought the biggest food truck I have ever seen to the closing party of BlogHer.


mcdblogher mcdonalds trailor

Photo courtesy of Steve Jennings Photography

I think that it was also a time machine, because I felt like I was transported back to when I was young.

We were out in the beautiful night air in San Jose, dancing to the incredible music spun by Rev Run from RUN-DMC that was straight from my youth, and eating the happy meals that my kids love so much now.  I was relaxed, having fun, and eating something that was not a cupcake.  Life was good.

Rev Run McDonalds

Photo courtesy of Steve Jennings Photography


rev run mcdonalds

Photo courtesy of Steve Jennings Photography

#McDBlogHer McDonalds Rev Run

Those McNuggets and fries were even hot, which is impressive when serving a hungry mob, and I have to say even better than I remember.  I’m usually busy eating something all grown-up – I may start fighting my children for their nuggets in the future.  I’ll distract them with the toy so they don’t see it coming.  I haven’t shown my kids the pictures from that night because if Maggie knew that I had access to that much Go-Gurt, and I didn’t steal any for her, she would never forgive me.  Instead I bought them Happy Meals with Go-Gurt tonight to make it up to them.  I think we’re cool.

I used to work at McDonald’s as a crew trainer when I was a teenager, and I made some great friends there.  One of the managers used to bring his guitar when we worked a closing shift, and he would play some tunes for us when we were done closing up.  It made working on a Friday night feel almost cool.

Thanks McDonald’s for ending BlogHer14 with a bang, and making me forget my age for a few sweet hours!  Of course my lack of hearing for a week from dancing next to the speaker – because apparently stupid is not reserved for the young – made sure to remind me of every one of my 40 years.  But at least I got to be young again for a little while, and that’s all I need.


This post was created in partnership with McDonald’s. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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