Strawberry Picking

Maggie was off last week – school is done, and we decided to give her a week off from camp.  Initially my intention was to barricade ourselves inside the house, and merely try to survive the week.  There was…ok IS…camping gear all over the place, mixed in with end-of school junk creations and treasures, and the house is filthy.  The house needed some attention.  Plus Maggie doesn’t like to go too many places, and it’s just hard to do with only one adult.  Nerdguy is my parachute when we need to bail on a plan, and he had to work.  Staying home was the safe and smart thing to do.

But after our successful outing to Costco I began wondering what else we could do with our last day of the week.  Strawberry picking jumped to mind.  Maggie’s EA had suggested that I take her strawberry picking a couple of weeks ago, and I rolled my eyes and discounted the whole idea.  Visions of fruit stomping like we were making strawberry wine danced through my head.  Except instead of coming home with actual wine I envisioned being escorted off the farm and some kind of agricultural fine being assessed.

I also try and avoid taking her to activities where there are little toddlers, because her swooping excitement and unpredictable darting often results in a kid getting knocked over now that she towers over the little ones.  Toddlers move just as unpredictably as Maggie does so it is hard to prevent her from crossing paths with them.  You kick someone’s kid over ONE time and make them cry and it seems to make the parents irate.  Sensitive.

I was apprehensive when we arrived at the farm.  But the picking area was huge, and there wasn’t a single toddler within a 50 foot radius (you should know that I suck at measurements, and for all I know that is the size of five farms…just go with it).  Maggie stayed in the rows, listened to my directions on what to pick, and didn’t eat a single strawberry until we got home.  Even though they are her favourite!  It was awesome, and I clearly have to give her more credit.

Strawberry picking with my child with autism

We have been devouring the sweet strawberries – even Molly and Grace who weren’t wild about them before.  Maggie asks for strawberries constantly, and I love seeing her gobble something up that doesn’t start with Frito and end with Lay.  So I’ll even excuse the whipped cream stealing.

maggie whipped cream



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    “You kick someone’s kid over ONE time and make them cry and it seems to make the parents irate. Sensitive.”

    I hope this was supposed to make me snort. Because snort is what I did.

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    That sounds like an amazing idea for a toddler! I remember babysitting my nieces when they were that little and one of them in particular would always to pinch the strawberries off the plant when I wasn’t paying attention. Somewhere I have photos of her adorable little face holding up these tiny greenish reddish strawberries…. irresistible!

    Oh! And I’m popping in from one of the docs on the BlogHer page… I can’t even remember now because I clicked hours ago 😉 So either you’re a humor writer or you’re in Path to Published Author or maybe I just liked your blog name. Either way, see you next week!

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