Fog Harbor Fish House in San Francisco

I’m hesitant to even write this because it’s just throwing salt in Nerdguy’s wounds.  He is at home watching all of the children while I frolic in California, and I have betrayed him in a way that may just be unforgivable.  He can forgive a lot of things, but this is probably too much.

What did I do that’s so awful?

I ate fresh, real-deal, amazing seafood without him.  With an incredible ocean view.

He’s still upset about the lobsters I’ve eaten in Boston without him.  I think he’s only going to let me travel to the middle parts of the continent from now on.  And I don’t think I’m going to get away with serving fish sticks at home any longer.

My BlogHer roommates and I joined Melissa Vroon from Family Fun Canada at Fog Harbor Fish House on Pier 39 in San Francisco.  It was so hard to choose what to eat – there were so many that I just knew would blow my mind with the freshness and flavour combinations.  In the end I decided to have the Dungeness Crab Cakes with a cajun remoulade to start, because those are my very favourite.  I waffled on whether to get an appie because I wanted to save room for my entree, but luckily I listened to the crab cake part of my brain.  It’s surprisingly bossy.  They were the best crab cakes I have ever had, and may be a good reason to move here.

For the main course I decided on the King Salmon.  It is caught locally 6 days a week, and the restaurant’s seafood is 100% sustainable.  It was delicious, and a very generous portion, served on a bed of roasted corn, arugula, red peppers, fingerling potatoes and tarragon, with a citrus butter.  Just typing this has me wanting to take a shuttle back for another round.  So good.

And check out the incredible view from our table – I could see Alcatraz from my seat!!!  And when I looked out the other way, I could see my friends the sea lions (sea lions are friends, not food).

fog harbor fish house on pier 39 in san francisco




  1. Di says

    Ohhhh, my favorite city ever!!! Scomas is another AWESOME seafood place to eat and very close to where you were. I make my brother take me there whenever I visit him. 🙂

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