It’s a Cold Day in Costco

I took the girls shopping today.  It’s a very rare occurrence for me to take all 3 of them shopping because it is quite challenging to do with Maggie.  She either refuses to go in the store, or she refuses to leave.  If there is even a hint of there being lalaloopsy dolls in the store it is game over.  She will hunt them down and refuse to leave the area until the cart is filled with one of each.  If by some miracle we make it to the checkout, it is like a Japanese game show trying to get all the items on the conveyor belt, pay, and load the bags back into the cart without Maggie running away.

So I avoid it.

But today we were on a mission.

It was the kind of mission that everyone sets out on during the first week of July…

…buying snowsuits.


Why Costco thinks that July is the appropriate time to peddle their snow gear is beyond me, but I guess they have to make room for the Christmas trees that will be displayed in August.  I think they’re using that Mayan calendar that ran out, and now they’re just winging it.


shopping at costco with a child with autism

Ice cream and snow suits. Maggie is laughing at you Costco. You can laugh at us though too because we still bought your irresistible winter wear.


The past couple of years I have resisted because who wants to even deal with school supplies right now, let alone parkas?  But I always regret it when I have to scramble and can’t find what I am looking for later, so this year we bit the bullet.

Costco was a zoo.  People were fighting for parking spots and I had to park in the far lot.  I was hoping to park in one of the handicapped spots, using Maggie’s pass that we only use in busy lots when I am not sure I can safely get all 3 of them to the door without Maggie bolting.  But people were waiting for those spots like vultures.  So we took a chance.

We had our super cheap ‘lunch’ first of hot dogs and fries, did our shopping, and then returned to the food court for ice cream.  It was busy, and stressful, but way more successful than I thought it would be.  Maggie did a great job staying with me each time I reminded her, and Molly and Grace were so helpful about working together to fetch things for the cart and carry our lunch.  We had our usual mix of onlookers, but the majority had a pleasant smile on their face like they recognized the flapping and squealing of autism, and the challenges of going out in public, and maybe they were silently cheering us on.  That helped.

It was a good day.  Productive and fun all mixed together.  And there was ice cream, so that’s a success right there.


  1. jenn says

    Ahhhh it’s awesome when you have a successful trip to Costco with 3 kids – I don’t think I can say I’ve ever done that LOL.
    Even more amazing when you don’t get those “control your child” glares but instead get a little compassion and you dare to dream for a minute that maybe one day, those glares will all be replaced by understanding and kindness.
    I’m glad it was a good day, and you’re way ahead of the game now with the snow gear. I’m still trying to hunt down a larger size of flannel lined jeans that J. wore pretty much all winter long, because he refused to wear anything but “the pyjama pants”. they have a small hole in the knee now. The first time he’s ever worn a hole in his clothes. If I don’t find a new larger size soon, it may be the end of the world – The Mayans never saw THAT coming.

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