Camping Tips – Try Not to Laugh


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We’re coming up to the Civic Holiday long weekend in Ontario, and it’s a popular time to go camping.  Not for us though – we’re cleaning out the house, and decluttering.  And ‘accidentally’ throwing all the camping gear in the dumpster if all goes well.

For someone who does not enjoy camping, I sure have been talking about it quite a bit lately, and I even wrote a few posts on the topic.  Some of them are helpful.  Some of them will remind you to pack the sharp ax.

Over on Parentdish I wrote about Tips for Taking a Child with Autism Camping.  Travelling with a child with special needs is different, and a lot of what I know has been through trial and error.  Trial and error is stressful and exhausting.  Hopefully some of those tips will help you.  A lot of them apply to camping with small children as well.

Also on Parentdish I wrote about why I still take the kids camping when I hate it, in Camping with kids: Confessions of a camp hating mom.  Surprisingly not all of the reasons are involving martyrdom and Mom of the Year statue dedications.

Over on BLUNTmoms I wrote about the 9 People You’ll Meet in the Woods.  Here’s a hint – they aren’t teddy bears, and they are certainly not having a picnic.  You may want to go ahead and pack that taser.  Or “bear spray.”

And if you are really trying to procrastinate from packing, one of my original posts on here was all about some Camping Truths.  We learned a lot from our week of camping in a yurt.  Most of it was about the sociopaths who like to camp beside us.

We went camping for a weekend at the beginning of the summer, and I still have a big, week-long trip looming over me.  I’m hoping to have the activity declared illegal before then.  I just have to rush it through Parliament.  I’ll be like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde 2 – Red White and Blonde.  Except I’ll be in sweatpants, with a Furby in my purse instead of a chihuahua, and likely will end up on several government lists.  If someone could just point me in the right direction – is Parliament on Facebook?  Can I Vine my Bill?  I don’t think we have bills in Canada.  I really should have paid attention in history class.



    • Tara says

      lol that’s easy Joseph – just show them the “don’t come to the comfort station at night because of all the coyotes” poster right before bed – my children would rather go to the dentist than leave that tent then!

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