TV Time Turf Wars

Nerdguy and I have always had the same taste (mostly) in television shows.  Right from the very beginning when we lived down the hall from each other in residence and we would meet up every week for must see TV Thursday nights – Friends and Seinfeld.  This was all before the luxury of streaming shows, and the world actually stopped for the TV schedule.   In fact sometimes we took advantage of the fact that the entire dorm was going to be squeezed into the common rooms to sneek off for some…ahem…alone time.

We thought peace and quiet was hard to come by in the dorms, and that we couldnt wait until we were full-fledged adults and could watch what we wanted and when we wanted, without interruptions and without sitting in a puddle of something questionable on the dorm couches.

Boy were we naive!

Sure we had a few good years of at least not having to be careful about where we sat in our own  house, but we were working crazy hours and often by the time we sat down to watch something together it was something hideous – like the news.  How is that relaxing?  Occasionally we rented a movie, but we would just fall asleep and then be in a panic trying to fit in the rest of the movie before the late charges of doom.  Then we had kids.  Sitting in mysterious puddles was once again commonplace, but I was still delusional in thinking that Molly would sleep from 7 to 7 and I would have all this free time.

I remember being angry with Nerdguy because he decided to build a DVR out of an Xbox the week she was born.  I didn’t need a project to distract him.  I needed him to help me with the baby dammit!  I quickly learned that we were right back to the days of being interrupted constantly – WHY did Molly consistently cry during the time between 8 and 10 when my favourite shows were on?  Why?!  So I owed Nerdguy an apology when he got the DVR working.  It meant that we could record our favourite shows and watch them after we got her to bed, rather than feeling irritated that we were missing Survivor.  And once the twins came along, and slept approximately never, it meant that there was always something decent to watch at 3 in the morning.  Something that didn’t involve obscene solicitations to phone someone named Cinnamon, or promises of “We will double your Wizard mop order if you call right now!”

The kids are older now, and have full control over the TV during the day because we’ve given up  But at night, when they finally go to bed, Nerdguy and I still love to watch TV together.  Or while the kids are at school and we eat our lunch since we both work from home.  But now we binge watch seasons of shows on Netflix.  We just finished Orange is the New Black.  I’m pretty sure Nerdguy might frame me for a crime just for the possibility of hearing some more stories about prison romance.

Suits is another series that we enjoyed.  I caught up on Mad Men and Weeds while sorting laundry and washing dishes.  These are not my mother’s soap operas!  And Nerdguy is a big fan of House of Cards.

It’s time for us to pick a new series to jump into.  What do you recommend?

Disclaimer:  I am a part of the Netflix Canada #StreamTeam and I receive product and a subscription to Netflix in exchange for watching TV writing about the service.  My opinions are always my own.

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