Canada Doodles Printables for Canada Day

Canada Doodles Book from Raincoast Books by Megan Radford - review and free printables

Molly and Grace are constantly drawing.  Molly likes to draw snails in particular, and Grace’s pictures always have people in them.  They both seem very relaxed after they have been drawing, and thankfully they didn’t inherit my frustration intolerance or inability to draw anything other than a house with grass and a tree.  But although they can draw many things beyond that, they get stuck in a rut and have trouble thinking of things to draw.

I was very excited when the opportunity came along to review the book from Canada Doodles by Megan Radford, and illustrated by Peter Cook, from Raincoast Books.  In fact I was so pleased with the book when it arrived that I ran down to buy another copy from Indigo because I knew that both girls will get so much use out of it.  It is the perfect size for toting around in the car on our day trips, and the girls really seem to enjoy sharing their creations with each other.  Let’s face it – anything that can get the summer off to a start that isn’t electronic or cause them to argue about sending sheep into each other’s house (I’m looking at you Minecraft) is a win!

The book has sections devoted to each area of Canada, as well as pages about important people, events, and activities in our heritage.  Molly and Grace were most excited about the pages that feature places they have been such as Tim Horton’s and the Royal Botanical Gardens, that is located in our very own city.  I think they felt like they were famous!  But the best part is that we are sneaking in geography and history lessons during playtime, and Mom may just be learning a thing or two (or fifty because those subjects are not my strong suit) as well.

To get you in the Canada Day spirit, Raincoast Books has generously provided me with pdfs of 3 of the pages.  Please feel free to download and print the pages to help your kids celebrate our great country of Canada.  To print the pages, please click on the pdf links below the photos.

Canada Day Free Printable

Parliament Hill pdf

Canada Day Free Printable

Emily Carr pdf

Free Canada Day Printable Moose Jaw

Moose Jaw pdf

Canada Doodles can be purchased at, Chapters/Indigo, or

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