Throwback 40 Years Thursday

Lordy Lordy I’m turning forty.  This weekend is the big day.

There’s no running.

Seriously, there’s NO running.  Way too many things jiggle and possibly fall out if there is running.

There’s no hiding.

It’s happening.

Since it’s Throwback Thursday, I got all nostalgic and dragged out the old family photos so that I could do a special “What Were They Thinking in the 70’s” birthday edition.

This was my second birthday, which I believe fell during my father’s photography phase, as this is the most well documented birthday of the bunch.  Check out the iconic seventies decor and fashions.

I still have that cup.  It’s one of the weighted ones that can’t tip.  And I could totally go for some of that cake right now.  Well, not the 38 year old one.  It’s funny how now matter how much things change, grocery store birthday cakes don’t.  It looks a lot like my 37th birthday cake:
Note that I said it was my 37th birthday.  Nerdguy thinks
he’s pretty funny.  The baker tried to talk him out of this.

In the next photos, check out the orange shag, the plaid tweed couch, wood panelling, and the piece de resistance of any proper seventies home – the television built into its own cabinet.


Those are my dad’s parents in the photos at the top.  My grandpa always made me balloon animals, which I thought was the coolest thing ever.  And would you check out my new boyfriend in the picture right above this – a Bert doll as big as I was had to be the coolest thing ever, and I just had to lean in for a smooch.  He was just the best.  Well until I threw up all over him.  I could never look at him the same way after that.

Check out the sweet ride that I got in the next photos.  When you’re sporting a rainbow Winnie the Pooh leisure suit, and some killer saddle shoes, you can’t be caught driving just any random bike you know.  And I totally ditched Bert because I didn’t need him to drive me around anymore – I was a modern woman of the seventies.

Moving right along to sometime in the early eighties, I found some pictures of my Strawberry Shortcake birthday party:

My mom got special pink and green bread to make the sandwiches with.  Remember the days before pizza was the standard birthday party meal?  When girls wore ribbons in their hair, and Polly Flinders dresses?  I’m holding a Papa smurf in my arms because I was smurf obsessed.  And I was perhaps hoping it would distract you from my beaver-like overbite.

Is it working?

You’re looking at it right now aren’t you?

Cropped out of the gift-opening photo is one of my strawberry shortcake dolls.  Maggie was just playing with hers tonight.  And she likes smurfs too.  I guess grocery store cakes aren’t the only things that haven’t changed in 40 years, which is kind of comforting, but it leaves just one question.

When will rainbow jeans come back into style?


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    I love these. It is like looking at myself as a little girl – except, my Winnie the Pooh suit was a 2 piece white pants & long sleeved jacket that had Pooh drawn on it all over. The buttons were daisies. I loved that suit! Mom handed it down to my cousin. Wish she had saved it. Gretchen would have rocked it! I think my saddle shoes were tan and navy blue, though.
    And, now I am compelled to share a picture of my mother’s (still hanging on the walls in 2014) wallpaper. You’ve been warned.

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