Cleaning Up the Deck (But Still Don’t Lick It!)

detailed shot of confetti and streamers


I just realized that Don’t Lick the Deck turned 2 on May 15th!  I didn’t serve cake or anything.  Although I likely ate some – let’s be real.  Now that my baby is a full-fledged toddler I decided that it was time to treat it like one, and let it do big kid things like move to WordPress, and have categories and neat plug-ins.  Nerdguy has been working on transferring everything over for me this week, and while there is still plenty to do on the site, this is my very first post on the new platform!  I’m still learning how to use WordPress, and in an effort to keep things positive and encourage progress I sing the potty song and give myself a smartie every time I do something right.  Wait – how did I become the toddler in this scenario?  Maybe the tantrum that I had earlier means I was the toddler all along.  I will definitely not be refusing naps though.

Welcome to the new and improved site!  I’m still setting things up, categorizing posts, moving things around, and on the hunt for some great plug-ins, so please bear with me (I always want to write bare with me, but I think that just means asking you to flash me), and I would love any suggestions you have for what you want to see!  Especially ideas for plug-ins, since the only one I am familiar with is made by Glade and smells like apples.

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