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Last year I joined the Ultimate Blog Party over at 5 Minutes for Mom and I introduced myself with a little post about me and my family.  I talked about how I was wearing my twitter pajamas when I wrote it, which I think is okay/expected for a blog party right?  Well this year I am feeling positively formal and over-dressed in my jeans and hoodie.  I hate it when I’m not wearing the right thing.  My friend Amanda over at Small Home Big Start can attest to that one – she possibly had to pull me out of the bushes at a BlissDom Canada party, and talk me off the ledge.  Luckily there were wine sponsors.

So a bit about me – I am in my thirties (I can only say that for another 42 days, so I plan to say it a lot).  I am a mom to 3 girls – Molly who is 10, and 8 year old twins Maggie and Grace, and I am married to Nerdguy, who I met the first week of university.  He lived down the hall in residence, which thrilled my parents I am sure.  I used to be an accountant until we had kids, and now I can’t even help them with their math homework.

Here on my blog Don’t Lick the Deck I talk honestly about what it’s like to raise kids with autism and ADHD, as well as share the disastrous things that happen when I try to act responsible, shop, or even talk to anyone.  I believe laughter is the best medicine so I seek it out whenever I can, and try to see the humour in our challenges.  I also seek out coffee and will cut you if you try to take it away.
When I am not here I write for BLUNTmoms and Parentdish Canada, and I am also a #ymccommunity member.  And this July I am headed to my first BlogHer conference – let me know if you’re going – I would love to meet in person!
I would love to get to know you better, so please leave a comment and say hi!  You can read more about my family here, and you can find out where the blog name came from here.
Feel free to grab a party favour on the way out.  Don’t look at it until you get home though because it will likely be laundry, dirty dishes, or a bag of toys that I am trying to smuggle out of my house.


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    Stopping by from UBP14. I’m glad to meet you. I like your writing voice. You crack me up! Please stop my place for a slice of chocolate fudge cake with salted caramel icing. YUM!

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