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Warden Rudy Guana proves a worthy competitor for Turbo and his
stunt team in DreamWorks Animation’s Turbo FAST only on 

We are a family of Netflix addicts.  We rarely watch cable anymore, preferring to watch our favourite shows when and where it suits us.  Maggie navigates the iPad app like nobody’s business, and loves being able to replay her favourite scenes.  Molly and Grace are in the awkward stage where they have grown beyond many of the cartoon-type shows, but still miss that format.  And we can only watch Frozen so many times right?  And I want them to watch something that is not too old for them either.  Unlike Suits that Mommy and Daddy are firing up the second the kids are in their beds.

I saw the movie Turbo in the theater with the kids, and I remember thinking it was cute, but I felt like it catered to a younger audience than my family.  I was expecting the Netflix exclusive show Turbo FAST to be very similar.  I asked the kids if they wanted to watch an episode with me so that I could write about it, and they were thrilled to watch a new show with familiar characters, and proud that I wanted their help with my blog.  Saturday evening we finished dinner early and it was the perfect time to pop some popcorn and relax together.  Well not Nerdguy – he was writing code – clearly my job is a lot more fun than his!

What surprised me so much about Turbo FAST was not only how much the kids enjoyed it, but how much I enjoyed it as well!  I found that the episodes had a really broad range of appeal, with plenty of humour for all ages.  I was laughing harder than the kids sometimes, and then that would make them laugh harder.  It reminded me of the days when I was a kid watching cartoons with my Dad – sometimes I would catch him watching Bugs Bunny long after I had left the room, and genuinely laughing.

Usually the girls fight about what to watch, but they kept asking to watch another episode, and then Sunday morning they were eager to get right back to it.  They were getting along – is it possible that some racing snails could be responsible for world peace?  Probably not, but an hour of peace on a weekend around here is an awfully good start!

I love the personalities that the snails have.  Turbo is an optimist who is always seeking adventure and speed, whereas his brother Chet serves as the team paramedic, and is always watching for lurking danger.  Grace was cheering loudly for Turbo, whereas Molly and I were visibly clenching, along with Chet, as Turbo dodged hazards.  Chet has definitely won my heart with his lessons on “Catastrophic Visualization” and his packing of backup backup suitcases.

Molly found her first tiny snail of the season today.  I’m just
waiting for her to make an ambulance shell for it!

As with many kids’ shows there are also some great lessons, such as perseverance in the face of intimidation, and the value of friends supporting each other.  I love it when a lesson can be snuck in to a fun activity all stealth-like.

Netflix recently released 4 new episodes of Turbo FAST, and in celebration of that they are helping me to give away a Turbo FAST prize pack, which includes a SIX (6) month subscription to Netflix, Turbo swag, and popcorn so you can have a viewing party of your own!


The contest is open to Canadians only, excluding Quebec, by entering in the Rafflecopter form below.  The winner will be drawn at random, and will have 48 hours to respond before I draw an alternate.  Good luck and I hope you check out the show!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer:  I am a part of the Netflix Canada #StreamTeam and I receive product and a subscription to Netflix in exchange for writing about my obsession the service.  My opinions are always my own.


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