The Mandrell Sisters Are Back

Remember how I told you about my BFFs in high school, and how we all wore red jeans on the same day, and I was mortified?  They still tease me to this day about how embarrassed I was.  Last night I got to hang out with them again – no kids, no husbands, and even better – no cooking!!!  We are all turning…ahem…29 this year, so we took D out for dinner to celebrate.  We’re wild for 29 I know, but we were cross-stitching on Saturday nights for fun in high school, so we can’t be expecting too many shenanigans can we?  Maybe our golden years will be our rebellious stage.

We took off our coats in the restaurant, and we all had teal sweaters and jeans on!!

Some things never change.  And luckily our friendship hasn’t either.  I’m looking forward to seeing more of them this year as we celebrate our birthdays, camp with our families, and take off for a girls’ shopping getaway.  29 seems like it is going to be pretty sweet!


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