Nana to the Rescue

Late-night selfie on the GO train

Nerdguy’s mom offered to come out and stay with the kids for a night so that we could get out for a belated celebration of Nerdguy’s birthday and our anniversary/Valentine’s Day.  We are so busy and exhausted that we weren’t sure when we could fit it in, nor was I sure if I could resist the siren call of my flannel pajamas and the couch.  We expressed this to one of the therapists that is working with our family, and she encouraged us to make the time and not to worry about having a clean house or the perfect time to fit it in.  With Family Day being today, we found our opportunity in a bonus Sunday night, masquerading as a Saturday, and decided to take her up on it.

I just wanted to eat and go to a movie, but Nerdguy was convinced that we had to seize the opportunity and do something more.  I grumbled all the way, but he cleaned bathrooms.  He knows how to win.  So we boarded the green and white train on a bitter-cold night and headed to the big city.  We had dinner at one of our favourite restaurants – Big Daddy’s Bourbon Street Bistro and Oyster Bar.  The crab cakes are so delicious, and Nerdguy said the Rainbow Trout was the best fish he had ever eaten.

After dinner we braved the cold for a quick dash over to Second City for their new show Spring 2014 Mainstage Revue.  I think this is the fourth time that we have been to a Second City show, and we are never disappointed by the performance.

I was really glad that Nerdguy convinced me to brave the cold and trade in my jammies for jeans.  He knew we both needed to laugh.  Comedy is our love language.  When we can make each other laugh, we can get through anything.  Forget poems, perfume, and flowers.  I don’t need jewels, dancing, or machismo.  It’s comedy that sweeps me off my feet.  Bring me that delicious drug that is laughter, and I will be yours forever.  Nerdguy knows how to do that.  His timing is perfect, his wit keeps me on my toes, and he knows what I find funny.  He can turn my seemingly impossible mood around with the right joke, and that knowing look when we are sharing the delicious secret of an inside joke.

We raced to catch the last train out of the city, and fell into bed around 2am, feeling content and recharged.  I’m glad we went.

Apparently Maggie is glad we went too – every time we tried to come downstairs the next morning, she shouted “The LEAVE!” at us, and herded us back to our room, closing us in.  Nerdguy had to use skills usually reserved for high-level spies to smuggle our coffees up to our room.  Maggie kept begging Nana to stay, and she was so sad when she drove away.  It’s okay Maggie – so were we.


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