Throwback Thursday – Santa Edition

Today is Throwback Thursday on the Instagram circuit, which is when everyone drags out old photos and shares them with the tag #tbt.  For some reason it was humiliating when our mothers blew the dust off of the old photo albums to show our new boyfriends pictures of “what her teeth looked like before we spent our life’s savings on braces,” but it’s okay if we put the photos up ourselves for the whole internet to see.  Maybe if we do it ourselves we can just say we’re doing it ironically and then we’re suddenly hipsters or something.  I still don’t actually understand what a hipster is.  I’m guessing they don’t wear jeans that also double as a bra, or have to beg the staff of the Target fitting room to cut them out of their Spanx.
For today’s #tbt I thought it would be fun to do a Santa edition.  Because Santa photos are supposed to be bad right?  My first one is actually pretty cool (further proof that I am not a hipster).  My dad was a firefighter, and I am not sure if this photo was taken at the Christmas party or if it was a public event.  I can’t tell if I was in awe that I was helping Santa put his boot on or if I was terrified.  I really wish that this photo was in colour though so you could get the full experience of my rockin’ rainbow jeans.  Not actual jeans.  Probably closer to pajama jeans.  But they were cool.  Especially when I was carrying my Miss Piggy purse.  You’ll have to trust me. 

This beauty is one that I unearthed of Nerdguy and his sister.  Check out the sweet leisure suit on him!  And Santa looks like he just stopped by the mall on his way from a bank heist and is trying to blend in.  I should probably turn this photo over to the police.

I don’t know how old I was in this picture.  I also don’t know why I had my hand stuck in my vest.  Or why Santa always has to be so darned creepy.

I have this coat in black now.  I was cool then and I am cool now.  Actually I was cooler then with my Dorothy Hamill haircut.  Clearly.

This was my first Christmas, and we had just moved into the house I grew up in.  I’ll bet you can guess what decade I was born in!
And just to prove to you how bad my teeth were before braces, I’ll show you a picture of my First Communion.  
My mouth was closed in this picture.  Let that sink in.  Closed.  My lips were together.  I had semi-permanent dents in my lips from my teeth resting there.  My orthodontist took my file to a conference.  It was bad.  So maybe I do see my parents’ point about showing off my new teeth like they were priceless heirlooms – who needs rubies and diamonds?

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