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We were supposed to go out for dinner tonight to celebrate the twins’ birthdays, but Maggie has a cold and we wanted to get the tree put up this weekend, so we opted to order in Chinese food and have a birthday cake.  I’d say Maggie liked the food:

Graces’ fortune was the first one and I would say it is so accurate that it actually freaked me out a bit!  Mine is the middle one, and Nerdguy’s is the bottom one.

Grace’s birthday card from my aunt turned into glasses.  She looks hilarious but also makes the look work!

Time to trim the tree.  We took much less time to figure out the lights this year.  I think the University may even reinstate our degrees!  My mom joined us to help us celebrate and supervise the decorating.  She was remarking to the kids that they have a much nicer mummy than I had because I let them hang the decorations wherever they want.  Her tree was always decorative and matching, and the ornaments had to be perfectly spaced.  She was worried that I would remember that time together with resentment, but all I remember was the fun that my mom and I had every year decorating.  Which is a good lesson to all of us moms – we need to stop stressing and second-guessing ourselves!!

I’m feeling in the Christmas spirit now with the beautiful twinkling lights in the living room.  It distracts from all the spider-covered boxed that I had to drag out from the crawl-space today.  Shudder.
Do you like putting up your tree?  And what is your stance on decorations – does your tree have a theme or does anything go?  And how much say do you let other people have?  Or are you like Monica on Friends who appeared to let everyone help, but does a last-minute rotation of the tree so only her perfect side was showing?


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    You are rocking the daily post thing. I love seeing a new DLTD post up to read each day, too.

    Chinese food at home sounds awesome – sorry for the cold keeping you in, though. My kids won’t eat Chinese food. When do they grow out of that fussy eater phase anyway? Apparently, not age 7. 🙁

    What I remember from growing up decorating trees is that we’d all go out to find one and then we’d pick the one my little brother chose. Then, at home, my parents would put on the lights… Dad placing them and Mom following 3 lights behind him re-positioning them correctly. Our tree was never a theme. It was (and still is at Mom’s) filled with ornaments we made in school, or ones that other people made for us, or pones we bought at craft fairs – but mom & I can tell you pretty much where every one came from. We also had the annual Hallmark ones for many years, so those are still placed on the tree.

    Here, we only put up a fake tree. We are never home in our own house for Christmas, so it is too much to worry about to put up a real tree and then have to take it down BEFORE Christmas when we are going to be away for a couple weeks. Too depressing to think of undecorating in mid December.

    I should just write a blog on all of this and link you to it. I hope to get our tree up this week, but with Hanukkah falling at (American) Thanksgiving time, we may hold off with Christmas until Hanukkah is over. Except for the Lego Advent calendars. They are getting those for Hanukkah one night. May we all escape the lightning strikes for mixing faith based holidays!!

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      Thanks Jill! We’ve always had a fake tree – allergic to the real ones. Plus – squirrels! lol Awesome idea for the advent calendars – I really want to get those for the kids but I back out every year because it’s so much $ for 3 of them before it’s even Christmas – nice that you can include it in something that you would be giving as a gift anyway! I should have given them as birthday gifts if I had been thinking! I’ll keep my eyes on the news for reports of lightning! lol

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