Throwback Thursday – Molly in the Leaves

Posting yesterday about raking the leaves with Maggie and Grace had me feeling nostalgic.  I try to get pictures of the kids in the leaves every year, because I love Fall and the colours are such a pretty backdrop for my rosie-cheeked cuties having fun in the leaves.

This year Molly didn’t want to come outside.  She was doing something on the computer.  I’m starting to feel those kid years slipping away, and little things like that are the glimpses into the teen future that isn’t all that far off.

But accepting the fact that my girls are getting older and growing up, doesn’t mean I can’t wallow in the kodak moments of years gone by.  And you’re going to wallow with me.  And hand me tissues and say things like “You still have plenty of years before your kids won’t admit they know you,” and “Of course you look way too young to be the mother of a tween.”

This is Molly exactly 9 years ago to the day when I stuck the poor kid in a big leaf pile for a picture.  Vaguely reminiscent of the kid from A Christmas Story who can’t put his arms down, but still completely adorable!  Those cheeks!!

This is Molly when she fell asleep before she could finish her dinner when she was 2:

About a month later, looking remarkably more lively:

Boy how I wish I could turn back the clock to when my babies were toddlers (NOT when the twins were babies…because OMG the colic), and life was less complicated.  I don’t think I even realized it at the time either.  I find myself sneaking in extra cuddles and squeezes lately because time feels more urgent.  Like the seasons of the family are changing along with the leaves.
Ferris Bueller was right – life DOES move pretty fast, and I DO have to stop and look around.  Just not around my house, because that’s just depressing.

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