Throw-back (almost) Thursday of the Twins as Babies

The twins are turning 8 on Tuesday, and I am feeling super nostalgic.  I want to put the brakes on, and swoop back in time to when they were tiny toddlers.  I may have hit my head, but I don’t remember it being that hard.  Oh wait…it’s coming back now.  It turns out twins do a lot of things together.  Like vomit.  And cry.  And run in opposite directions.

But let’s forget all of that and think of the happy times, and all the joy and cuteness.  Through the magic of photos I have the ability to do that to my memory – just as there’s no crying in baseball, there’s no screaming (that we can hear anyway) in photographs.

So now I am basically going to flood you with baby pictures of them:

I might just be a tad biased, but aren’t they completely adorable?  You can barely tell that they were tiny little screaming machines who never slept.  Photos are magical.
I have to sign off now before I feel the need to run out and start knocking on doors asking to snuggle people’s babies.  Because I don’t think that’s going to go over well.  Sure, new moms bitch and moan that they need all this help, but you ring their doorbell at midnight offering to hold their baby and they get all testy, and trigger-happy with the 911 speed-dial button.  I think I had better watch some of the videos of the twins instead – unlike the photos, I’m sure they have some crying.  
But don’t worry, I won’t just leave you here – you can go check out my article at Parentdish about planning a birthday party for twins, and then maybe come back and tell me what to put in the loot bags.  Their party is in 4 days and I have no idea.  What makes for good loot bags for 8 year old girls?


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    I love seeing your photos!!!!! I think I will put my readers /family through a Throw Back Thursday as well. You know we turn 8 on Wednesday as well.

    As for goodie bags – do you have Smencils in Canada? Pencils that smell like well, fruits and other spices. Those are always a hit for us. And packets of fruit snacks rather than candy. One party we went to had an Under the sea theme and she had some creative stuff in her bag – my favorite was sea animal themed teeth flossers!!!
    Do you have Old Navy? Ours has a vending machine where for a quarter you get one of those big bouncy balls – not the 1″ size, the bigger variety.
    At school right now, when the kids earn enough reward tickets to shop in the trinket box, they love picking those little erasers that are shaped like hamburgers or french fries. They refer to them as Japanese erasers, but they could be making that up. You know how 7 yr olds are.
    I’ll bombard your FB page as I think of more. Carl always gives a matchbox car, but not too girly, I guess.

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      Thanks for the ideas Jill! Yes we do have smencils – Grace loves them and Molly can’t be in the same room as them! I went with a pack of Rainbow Loom charms and a pack of mixed rainbow loom elastics for each kid, which was nice and easy

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