Important lesson number A:  If you hear a sound your don’t usually hear, no matter how innocent it may sound, do not sit in your living room pondering what on earth it could be.  Move your ass, bring the vacuum, and of course the camera.  You’ll be too late still, but at least there will be pictures.

“Oh do I have a little something on my chin? That’s okay, I’ll just lick my
entire face.  Oh, and I have no idea about that sugar that’s everywhere – my
parents need to take me for a hair cut, so I can’t see and I missed whoever
did it.  Would you believe it was a raccoon?”
Maggie dumped an entire bottle of coloured sugar out, and I didn’t recognize the shaker sound.  I have no idea how much of it she ate.
I also have no idea why I didn’t “accidentally” knock a glass of water all over the pile to put the carpet out of its sad sad misery.

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