My Landscaping Crew of Two

We were supposed to have a therapy appointment on Monday, but it got cancelled at the last minute. So we took advantage of the bonus time and headed outdoors to enjoy the beautiful crisp weather before it got dark. Every day this week we have been surprised about how early it gets dark! The mornings have been slightly more bearable though – it was tough dragging ourselves out of bed for school on those dark mornings.

Grace asked me if she could rake the leaves. Who am I to argue? Maggie joined in on the fun with her miniature, yet still potentially lethal, plastic rake. They did really well raking the leaves into piles and down to the curb.

It was only a matter of time before Maggie started to throw them though because throwing things in the air is her absolute favourite pastime. She began to throw them at Grace though, so Grace turned it into a game of leaf baseball, whacking the bundle of leaves with the little rake and the running in circles. All the while Maggie would run after her giggling and clutching another giant pile of leaves.

After that was a game of sidewalk hockey. Maggie did well with that too – she’s got stick-handling skills that I had no idea about. The rest of the players should definitely wear helmets and face guards though. And potentially bubble wrap. Because she loves her high sticking. Without notice, the stick gets swung around like a skipping rope in a game of helicopter.

I love watching those two play together – such joy and ease. Grace is so sweet with Maggie, rarely losing her patience. They have a special bond that is such a treat to watch.

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