If sprinkles are wrong…

…she doesn’t want to be right.
Since all of the words that want to leave my brain are of the swearing variety, I am going to plead the bloggers’ equivalent of the fifth – Wordless Wednesday.
Well almost.  You know I’m too wordy for that!
It was a crazy night with a school meeting, brownies, choir, and dropping the minivan of doom off at the mechanic.  I had an intricately planned schedule worked out in my head about how we were going to get everyone where they needed to be at the appropriate times.  It involved a ridiculous number of loops around town, everyone’s cooperation, and a small miracle.  But we were going to do it.  I was ready.
I explained the plan to Nerdguy.  And then I explained it again.  And then he asked several questions that made my internal clock scream with rage inside (okay there was exterior yelling as well) my body.  Once I got him to understand the first hour of the plan, and he wanted to know the rest of it I may have gone off on a rant.  I told him that he isn’t ready to hear the second half, and just needed to know the first half.  That if I went over the second half again, he was not going to be where he should at the right times in the first half.  It perplexes me as to why he has absolutely no concept of time, and a brain like a sieve when it comes to a plan, a time, or a calendar.
Things were trucking along.  We were actually ahead of schedule during most of the stages.
And then I made a wrong turn.  

And then I had the bright idea to stop at Tim Horton’s.

Maggie had been so patient riding around in the car, and was excited to pick out a treat.  She chose a vanilla dip doughnut and a gingerbread man.  The day we had to evacuate the house last year because of the wasps I had apparently let her get both of those things.  She has a memory like a friggin’ elephant.

Her parents do not.

Midway through our treats I suddenly realized that we weren’t where we were supposed to be and I had screwed up the entire plan.  We jumped up and started to pack up Maggie’s desserts.  At which point she started wrestling me for them because she thought I was going to throw them away.  Or eat them.  That kid is serious about protecting her food.  Earlier Nerdguy was eating some of the popcorn out of the bag that Maggie was eating out of.  She grabbed every last kernel out of his hand and put them back in the bag.

In the end, with only a bruised ego after Nerdguy howled at me for not understanding my own plan, we got everyone home safely and on time.  I await my medal to arrive in the mail.

The sweary bits are from the encounter that we had with a lady who was camped out working on an assignment in the coffee shop.  Maggie made one of her loud high-pitched squeals, which I did not even notice at first because we’re used to it.  Well I guess this woman is not.  She actually stared me down.  I felt her glaring at us even though we stopped Maggie fairly quickly, and when I looked up at her she wouldn’t break eye contact, and had a hateful look on her face.  I mouthed “Is there something I can do for you?” and she still would look away.  And then she started talking into her blackberry on speaker.  I resisted the urge to spill my coffee on her papers, but in my mind I totally threw it in her face.

Wow – this is about as un-wordless as you can get, and I fell asleep at my computer again, so nighty night!  I’ll tell you the other reasons for the inside-my-head cursing tomorrow.

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