Happy 8th Birthday Maggie and Grace!

 The twins turned 8 today at 8:05am and 8:10am.  The day was only slightly less hectic than this same day 8 years ago.  We began the day with Molly awake before 6am hysterical because she hadn’t finished (or started for that matter) the gifts she had planned for her sisters.  While she worked on those, Nerdguy headed out to Tim Horton’s to get breakfast for us all per Birthday Princess B’s (that’s Grace – she is twin B – I’m not calling her a mean name – promise) request.  I kind of wish she got her way every day so that I could get a fresh Timmies coffee to start each morning!

Each girl got to open one gift, and then we scrambled about trying to get out the door on time.  I think we (mostly me) got tricked by the coffee into thinking that it was a lazy Sunday morning.  Since it was most definitely a Tuesday, and Grace would absolutely die if she missed hearing their names on the morning announcements we had to hustle.  Molly took hustle to mean lie on the floor.

One of Molly’s morning meds can’t be taken with fatty food (cue bacon & eggs), which luckily Nerdguy remembered.  So we opted to wait and give her the white pill on the way out the door, so that her breakfast had some time to metabolize.  In the scramble to get to the car I chose the poor wording of “Give Molly her white pill” to Nerdguy.  He gave her a white pill.  Melatonin.  Out of the PM section of her dosette.

So apparently I thought it was Sunday and Nerdguy thought it was nighttime.

It’s a miracle that we have never left a kid anywhere.  Although I did take the wrong twin into the doctor’s office once.  I mentioned that they are not identical right?  We only discovered it when the nurse took her temperature and there was no raging fever.  Luckily Nerdguy had the other twin in the waiting room (he also won’t be making detective anytime soon), and it was quite embarrassing when I had to run out and switch them while muttering “Wrong twin” with the entire waiting room laughing at us.  It was funny when it happend on Everybody Loves Raymond.  Not so much during our dramatization of Everybaby Loves Crying.

Back to today.  Molly was hysterical again (rightfully so), afraid that she was going to drop to the floor asleep in the middle of school, and refused to get in the car but also didn’t want to miss school.  Luckily she calmed down, came to school with the agreement that they could call me anytime if she needed to come home.  I told her teacher what happened and she said she would keep an eye on her.  We figured the stimulants in the ADHD meds would stamp out any effect of the Melatonin, and it may even make her feel calmer, and luckily she made it through the day fine.

I brought take-out to the kids for lunch, which I have never done before – and I feel I have to point out that I have never forgotten to send them with a lunch either – just in case you think we forget everything.  I felt a little scandalous bringing fast food in to the school, since I am the school’s Healthy Snack lady.  And Maggie’s didn’t even have a grain in it, so I will wait for my fine and allotment of Ritz crackers.

The girls were excited to get their special lunches, and since Molly is a lunch monitor in the twins’ room I was able to sit with all 3 for lunch.

And then Maggie threw up her lunch into one of the teacher’s work bins.

It’s my party and I’ll barf if I want to?

She was totally fine right after so I think it was just too much food too quickly and a whole lot of excitement.  I hope.

And what do you say to the teacher after your kid pukes in her work bin?  Does Hallmark make a card for that?

After school we picked out cakes.  Not a cake.  One loves chocolate and the other loves vanilla.  Right after I wrote about how I thought it was fine for twins to share a cake, and we have never had separate cakes before.  Today we had a cake tug-of-war in the middle of the store that was quickly moving toward food-fight territory, so we got 2 smaller cakes so they would both be happy.  The vanilla one has strawberries in it so of course Molly declares “But I don’t like strawberries!”  I should know better and just get what I like next time – cake filled with booze.

We had gift opening with Nana over Skype, a lightning-fast happy birthday song over cake that we didn’t eat yet, and then it was time to rush Grace off to her sibling workshop.

It’s a support group in disguise for siblings of kids with autism.  I thought she would want to skip this month for sure, but she was mortified at the thought of missing it.  So here I sit in Tim Horton’s while she is hanging out with a bunch of kids that really get what her life is like.  I think it’s awesome that she has that, because as amazing as her many friends are, none of them really can understand what it is like for Grace.

I’m back home now and ready for bed.  Grace had a great time at her sibling workshop.  They had a cake for her and sang Happy Birthday.  The birthday girls are all tucked in snug in their beds, and I am heading off to mine as well.  Have to make sure I am rested so that I can keep up with 2 eight year olds and a nine year old who’s been medicated at the correct time.

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