Halloween 2013

Halloween is over.  Did we all survive?  It was raining here, and it looked like a lot of places had similar weather – did you your kids still manage to score lots of loot?  We were lucky that it was never a heavy downpour, and it was nice and warm, so we were able to cope with the rain.

Molly went as a Rainbow Loom Unicorn, complete with 9 million bracelets.

Are your kids loving rainbow loom?  I’m thrilled she is interested in doing something more than playing Club Penguin, so I am happy to supply all the rubber bands she needs.  Even if it does trigger my orthodontic flashbacks.

Grace chose to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  She saw a Dorothy costume at a dance store in the Fall, and has wanted to be that ever since.  I think she was disappointed that it turned out to be a really popular costume – there were 4 of them in her class alone, and every other house exclaimed “Another Dorothy!!”  I think she rocked it though, and was the best of the bunch.

Maggie originally wanted to be a clown, after falling in love with the clown section at that same dance store, but later declared that she wanted to be a pirate.  I wasn’t sure if she would wear much of the costume, or if she would even still want to be a pirate, so I was blown away when she came downstairs for school dressed like this:
Maggie even wore her costume all day at school even though the rest of her class took them off earlier in the day.  She really got into Halloween this year.
After a fruitless mad scramble around town looking for clear rain ponchos I was glad the rain never got too bad.  We all wore rain jackets either under or over our costumes, and got wet, but the fun was worth it.  Molly even declared it to be the best Halloween ever!  Maggie did really well saying Trick or Treat at every house, and also holding her bag open better.  And she didn’t barge into a single person’s house!  I’m really proud of her!
Don’t look too closely at this next picture or you’ll give yourself a migraine from the blur, but it’s the only one that shows us heading out for the night, and I want to show you my Queen costume.  Molly helped me to pick it out.  I actually felt quite royal in it.  Well aside from the begging from door to door thing, and that I didn’t get to order any beheadings.  But other than that…posh all the way.

Nerdguy was still in his PJ pants and Tshirt, so he told the kids he was dressing as a Telecommuter.  That’s about as much of a stretch as me dressing as Nerdgirlmom for BlissDom Canada last year.  It’s a miracle that our kids have costumes at all.
Here are our pumpkin designs for this year:
Just in case you aren’t completely sick to death of Halloween by now, you can check out my post on BLUNTmoms about why I hate Halloween.  I have to admit that I actually enjoyed it this year once we had the costumes pulled together.  I loved seeing all of the other kids dressed up, and the creative ideas that some people come up with.
I also wrote over at Parentdish about tips for Trick-or-treating with your toddler.  If you have a toddler, how did it go this year?  Any tips you think I missed?
Also at Parentdish I wrote about what Halloween can be like for kids with autism.  After I wrote that piece I went back and read my post from last year, and reminded myself how the big day went for Maggie.  I am so happy that it went better this year.  If you have a child with autism, how did they enjoy Halloween this year?
Well I guess now that Halloween is officially over that means I have to finally clean up those cobwebs that were up as “decorations.”  Think I can pass the dust off as early Christmas snow?


  1. Diana says

    YAY for Maggie! That must’ve put a HUGE smile on your face. :)))))
    Everyone looks awesome and you’re rocking the POSH look.

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