Give me an E! Give me an A!

Maggie usually has one EA in the morning and another one in the afternoon, but they were both away today.  Normally she does quite well switching between therapists, teachers, etc but today was not that day.  It could also be because she had a sudden urge to look for her leftover cookie and doughnut from last night, and was upset that they weren’t where she left them in the car.  It took 3 or 4 EAs to get her in the building, up the stairs, down the hall and to her locker.  And just short of a tactical response team to get her shoes on.

Luckily the rest of her day went more smoothly, and I didn’t have to bring the supply EA any purse wine.

Because I was going to need to keep the wine for later in the day when the mechanic told us that my van needs $1,500 of repairs.   Santa/GM/Chrysler I hope you’re listening!

Tonight I was off to a seminar about stress management for autism families.

Stress?  What stress?  I don’t have any stress!

Not enough to keep me from falling asleep at the table apparently.  This writing everyday this is hard core!  And I just realized that someone left the living room blinds open and I was sleeping at the dining room table with my head back and my mouth wide open.  I’ll be the only person on the People of Walmart site who wasn’t even at Walmart.

yawning businesswoman


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