Game Night

Do you have family game night?  How does it usually go?  We don’t do it very often, so when we do have one the kids are very excited.  I’m not sure why we don’t do it more often.  Or at least I wasn’t until tonight.  Now I know it’s because we always pick the longest games to play.  Their 2 favourite games are Monopoly and The Game of Life, which both last roughly 9 times the length of my own life.

We just finished Life…3 hours after we started.  But we picked the night we turn the clocks back to squeeze some extra fun into our night.  And then we added Halloween candy into the mix.  It’s 10 o’clock and there are no signs of them sleeping anytime soon.

The game seems so different from when we were kids, in much the same way that driving a go-kart was not quite the same once I had a driver’s licence.  It becomes more serious.  Having twins seemed like this magical dream world in which your friends would be forced to hand you $5,000.  Jolly good time that it seemed life would be – being showered with cash just for driving down the road, and finding a mate and having kids was just a matter of landing on the right square and putting a peg in the car.  Actually I think everyone gets married in this game, which is misleading.  The random firings are closer to the truth though – losing my medical degree tonight had a bit of a sting to it.  Now when we play we find ourselves complaining about how you get the same money at the birth of your children whether you have one or twins – just like when we had the twins in real life.  There was no double mat leave for double babies.  Just double the diapers and half the sleep.

I like the lessons that we get the chance to show our kids when we play, like going to school to have better earning potential, and how to manage their money.  And that suing your mother never ends well.

I also found it interesting that although we have 3 different versions of the game – the original, the iPad version, and Life Zapped, which is a hybrid of the 2 – Molly and Grace both asked to play the original version because they were “tired of electronics.”  That was an historic moment.  I have to admit that it was nice to go old school for a change – nothing quite like turning that spinner – we can all pretend that we are on the Wheel of Fortune or spinning for the showcase showdown on The Price is Right.  We definitely need more spinners in real life to keep things interesting – I would be more interested in paying my bills if I got to spin for a prize after.

We’re going to make game night a more regular thing around here, especially with all this cold and rainy weather.  I would like to add some shorter games into our repertoire as well for nights that we don’t get a magical extra hour of sleep – what games do you like to play with your family?


  1. says

    We tried playing a board game with all of us the other day. It ended with screaming, crying, and someone throwing the board across the room. But I live in hope, so we’ll give it another shot.

    In a year or two. 😛

  2. Diana says

    Apples to Apples is a favorite here. We have all those blasted DVD trivia games too (Disney, Nick, etc.) that are sometimes fun to play. Funny about Life & Monopoly. Those are the ones that are pulled out here more often than not.

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