Christmas Eve Pajamas

I wrote last year about Maggie and her seasonal clothing struggles.  She has trouble shifting her clothing to what is appropriate for the new season.  So does my husband.  We have what we fondly refer to as the “Annual T-shirt struggle” in which he refuses to wear anything warmer than a T-shirt and spring coat well into January.  And then just as he gets transitioned into winter clothing it gets warm out and he is wearing rugby shirts in July.  I’ve stopped trying to figure out why.

Maggie mostly hates long sleeves and any form of coat, so she wants to wear short sleeves all the time, with nothing else.  It’s a slightly different clothing struggle every time, and luckily this year has been much better than in previous years.  She always looks to see what Grace is wearing though – if Grace is wearing ear muffs then there is no way in hell that Maggie is putting on a hat, and we had better make sure that there is a second pair of ear muffs.

Excuse the stunned looks – it was Christmas morning right before they
went downstairs for their gifts.

I wrote last year about how Maggie would insist that all 3 girls wear their Christmas pajamas at the same time, like it was a surefire way to make Christmas come back.  Well tonight Molly and Grace decided to wear their nightgowns from 2 years ago.  After some ransacking of laundry Maggie put hers on too.  Adorable right?  What could go wrong?

“Christmas eve!!  Santa!!  The toys!!” on repeat.  For an hour.

The excitement on her face told me that my insistence that it’s not Christmas yet was not registering.

Tomorrow morning is going to be a gong show.  Or maybe I’ll just load all this laundry that I need to fold into gift bags and wish her a Merry Christmas.

Do your kids (or husband) have any clothing quirks?  Do you go with it or try to talk them into something else?

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